Saturday, 29 January 2011

Soap and Glory. Lock, Stock and Bubble.

So in the Boots sale on boxing day I got the soap and glory lock stock and bubble gift set. It is so cute and i got it for £9 which is such a bargain. I had never tried soap and glory before and since it was half price i just had to get it.

For anyone who wants to try a few soap and glory products or if you already love soap and glory then this is definitely for you. 

Hand food is like the most amazing hand cream ever it isn't greasy at all and leaves hands feeling and smelling gorgeous. In the set you get a 50ml bottle which you can buy by itself for £2.50 which is a great price for such a great product. This is my favourite product out of the set.

The righteous butter is an amazing moisturiser it sinks in super quick and leaves skin really soft. I will certainly be repurchasing this or perhaps the bigger tub so it lasts longer. This is priced at £2.25 for the smaller 50ml tub and £10 for the 300ml tub. 

Flake away is a body polish. It doesn't look overly nice being a light brown thick liquid kind of product. But as with all soap and glory products it smells amazing. There isnt much more to say about it if you want a body polish then this is a good one to try. It's £2.25 for 50ml and £6.50 for 300ml

Off your face, face wipes are absolutely amazing. They are 3 in 1 they cleanse, tone and smooth skin. They remove make up, dirt, oil and dead cell build up. Soap and glory also say they reduce pores. They have a resealable flip lid so the wipes dont dry out. These are the best wipes I have ever tried. They dont irritate my eyes. They dont make my skin look oily (like most wipes do to my face) they are just amazing. They cost £4 for 25 wipes. 

Girligo body mist isn't that great a product it smels great but that in my opinion is the only good thing about it. It makes my skin greasy and comes out white even when you hold it far away from your skin. I will not be repurchasing this unless something amazing happens and I suddenly love it but i dont relly see that happening. 

I also got this Giant super sudsy shower puff. It is so big but i am yet to use it. Im sure it will be good but im never really overly fussed about things like this. It costs £3.50

Overall I love the products in the bag.

'Must try':Hand Food, Off your face wipes and the righteous butter
'Good ones': Flake away, Shower puff
'Ones to miss':Girligo body mist

Wow this is actually quite long sorry about that x

Megan xxx