Sunday, 25 September 2011


Hi everyone. How are you all?
Sorry its been so long, no excuses! I know now that I will be blogging more. I basically just couldn't think of things to blog about lets call it a blogging block. Also people where leaving really horrible comments about the way I look, which i'm not normally bothered about but for some reason this got me down.

I'm back now anyway so expect to see a lot more of me. Again the whole camera issue is still the same. I just dont have the money at the moment to buy one and I'd rather save for a descent one instead of spend a bit on a crap one then need another one.

Anyway to get back into the swing of things I am going to do a wishlist kinda thing. I have got some (bad quality) pictures taken ready for a post on what's in my shower post tomorrow if anyone would like to see that.

Firstly I really want a quilted jacket. The ones that kinda make you look like your about to go and ride a horse. I have looked on loads of clothes websites and cant find them anywhere. If you know where I could get one please let me know.

I really want to try the Liz earl Cleanse and Polish. All I have heard about this is good. £13.75

Tangle Teezer in Tangerine - There is already a tangle teezer in my house which belongs to my sister. I sometimes steal borrow hers. It makes your hair so soft. I just really want to get one that belongs just to me. £10.50

I can't get a picture of this one but I would really love to get the Soap and Glory Big Splendour. I'm sure like last year it will reduce in price from £60 to £25 so if it does i will be straight to boots. If you want to have a look what it is have a look here - 

That's all my realistic wishlist at the moment plus it is 01.15 so I am finding it difficult to function :)
Megan xx