Saturday, 30 June 2012

Trashy Doll Giveaway

I know this is the second giveaway I have done in the past month but I think they are a great way to thank my readers and also a great way to let you know about smaller companies. The prizes of this giveaway are kindly being given by the lovely people from Trashy Doll. Trashy Doll do very unique kitsch and quirky handmade pieces of jewellery. Its all very vintage inspired. I love everything they have on their website. Anyway onto the giveaway.

The prizes:

  • One pair of the m&m studs
  • Kawaii deer ring
  • Doudle finger cross ring
  • Fruit salad bracelet
To enter the giveaway you need to:

  • Like the Trashy Doll facebook page here
  • Be a follower of my blog
  • Leave a comment with a way I can contact you if you win
  • In the comment tell a post you would like to see on my blog and what your favourite type of posts are
  • The giveaway ends on the 29th July 2012 
For an extra entry tweet
'I have entered @megan22021997's giveaway to win @Trashy_Doll items

Hope you enjoy this giveaway
Good Luck!

Megan xxx

PS the winner of my Luxbox giveaway is Nathalie Taylor, Congratulations xx

June Favourites

This month I have a lot of favourite products (sorry, 5 of them are Collection products). I have discovered a lot of new products as well as a few old products I found while sorting out my collection.

Soap and Glory the righteous butter body lotion
I prefer this to the original righteous butter as I really like my moisturisers to sink in fast. I have been mainly using this on my legs after epilating and my really dry arms. 

Palmers cocoa firming butter
Yes I realise this says 'tightens skin after pregnancy and weight loss' neither of which have happened to me, but I thought it would be better at firming than the original and it was also cheaper. This smells gorgeous, just like hot chocolate!

So...? Sinful body spray
I think this might have been in my last favourites post but I really do love it and have been wearing it more than I have been wearing perfume this month. 

This month I have especially been loving Batiste of any kind and scent. I mean I use it every month but for some reason this moth I have used it so much and it makes my hair look so fresh and clean on the day between washing.

Soltan face suncream SPF 50+
I have to use this everyday before I apply make up as I burn extremely easily and I want to keep my skin as safe as possible (after all we can't replace it). This is the only cheapish face suncream I have come across with a high SPF.

Simple kind to skin facial wash
I have been on a mission to use up products this month and when I found this I thought I should give it another try as my skin has been acting up. It does slightly dry out my skin but I have been using it every morning and night for about 3 weeks and really like it. The only downside is it does sting the eyes (even though its simple which is weird) so I have to remove eye make up with something else.

Soap and Glory fab pore facial peel
You might have seen my recent post on this raving about it. I love it a lot. It is the only face mask I need now and works wonders on my skin. It would be hard going back to another mask now I know how good this is. My full review is here.

Amie morning dew matte finish moisturiser
This is a new favourite moisturiser of mine and it may have over took my simple anti blemish one. Its a light moisturiser which can make the face sticky if too much is applied. It has helped to repair the extremely dry parts of my face. It smells quite nice and although I wouldn't say it leaves me with a matte face, I do feel it leaves me less shiny than most moisturisers.

Collection 2000 multiplier mascara
This without a doubt is the best mascara I have ever tried. When I wear it, you cant feel it on your eyelashes which is amazing as they feel natural. Every other mascara I have had has made my lashes feel hard which I thought was how all mascaras were until I tried this one. Its amazing and really lengthens and separates the lashes. I will be doing a full review of this soon.

Collection 2000 blush in bashful
I have been wearing this blush practically every day in June. This shade is amazing, it has a subtle hint of shimmer yet that doesn't translate on the face as it just shows as a glow which I love. The price £2.99 is so cheap and I am going to pick a few more of these up.

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer 
If you haven't heard of this concealer where have you been? It seems to be a must have in the beauty community and now I have tried it I totally understand the hype. This only costs £4.19 and is much better than the more expensive concealers I have tried in the past so am very impressed with this.

Collection 2000 colour match foundation in ivory
This is the first foundation I have tried that I am happy to wear outside the house. As I am very pale most foundations appear orange and unnatural on me, even the lightest shades in ranges. I don't know if this is because of the undertones or the 'skin adaption technology' but this looks normal coloured on me. I would recommend you have a look at collection 2000 if you struggle to find light enough shades for you in foundations.

Collection 2000 primed and ready primer
I think this is a pretty new product but as soon as I put it on my face I fell in love. It sinks in immediately which feels weird but so nice. I love it so much that I have even been wearing it when i'm not wearing make up. I haven't tried any other primers so I have nothing to compare this too, but I will definitely repurchase when I finish this.

Blistex raspberry lemonade blast
I think I might have mentioned this before but it has become my favourite lip balm. It tastes like lemonade and really softens lips. Its not great if your lips are really dry and you need to get some moisture back into them but it is a good lip balm for everyday use.

Revlon lip butter in raspberry pie
This is the first bright lipstick/lip product I own so wearing eye looks that go with it is so much fun. I love wearing new colours and this is a big thing for me as I don't normally go for brights. I wrote a full review here.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know if you have any requests for posts you would like to see.

Megan xx

Empties #1

Empties posts and videos have become one of my favourites to read as I love to see if people will repurchase a product when they run out of it. It is also a great way to really test the products if you wait until you have finished them to review them.

Herbal essence uplifting volume shampoo and conditioner
These are one of my favourite shampoo and conditioners that I have ever tried, I always come back to this one after trying new ones. It smells amazing and leaves hair feeling clean and fresh.
Would I repurchase? Yes already have

Right guard 3D protection deodorant 
I really like right guard deodorant and although this is the first one I have used from the range, I think right guard are my new favourtie deodorant brand.
Would I repurchase? Yes I already have

Batiste Brit
I love Batiste for the day in between washing my hair.
Would I repurchase? Yes but I already have lots of other Batiste's to use so not at the moment.

Colgate advanced white toothpaste
I always use Colgate toothpaste (except for when I use whitening toothpaste) and I always find it does the job. However I didnt really like this. The minty taste wasn't very strong and I didn't notice that my teeth were any whiter.
Would I repurchase? Probably not

Listerine Zero mouthwash

I always forget to use mouthwash but when I remember its always a Listerine one. They have the mintiest taste out of all the brands I have tried and really love this one as the taste is apparently milder than the others (it still makes my eyes water though).
Would I repurchase? Definitely

Nivea Intensive moisturising cream
What can I say I found this in my draw about 3/4 empty so decided to finish it off the other morning. Blah its horrible. It didn't sink in at all and left a white residue all over my skin.
Would I repurchase? No way although I have done in the past (why, I don't know)

Rimmel Stay Matte powder
I really liked using this although I don't really tend to use powder any more. I didn't find it matted my face much at all but did set make up well.
Would I repurchase? Maybe although I do have a lot of powder to get through.

Nivea double effect deodorant
I hate Nivea deodorants and no exception is made for this. It leaves white marks, causes my skin irritation and smells to strong for my liking.
Would I repurchase? No

Simple facial toner
I have had this for years and decided to finish it off. I don't feel it does much but on a warm day its nice to put on your face with a cotton wool pad.
Would I repurchase? Maybe?

I hope you enjoy reading. Let me know what products you have finished in the comments.

Megan xx

Soap and Glory fab pore facial peel

I'm not normally a big one for face masks, they normally dry out my skin, make me blotchy and leave me with no results. This one is different though. I was always intrigued by it but the words 'facial peel' always put me off. I though it would be full of chemicals and that it would dry my skin out even more than others, however this isn't the case.

Unlike most face masks this doesn't dry on the skin, when you take it off it is exactly the same consistency as when you put it on. I use it by rubbing a small grape sized amount onto my face for about a minute until all the beads have popped and then leave it on for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes I took it off with a muslin cloth although I have also tried with a face cloth/flannel and found this to be a better way to remove it. When I took it off, my face was a bit sensitive but after loading on the moisturiser it was fine. 

Although the product looks very creamy, its actually pretty solid in the pot which I was quite impressed by as I didn't need as much as I thought so therefore it will last longer. 
I have been applying this 2-3 times a week and have found it works straight away. The first time I used it at night and when I woke up the next morning I was covered in spots.
The smell is a bit weird and not something you would relate to relaxing or spas but it isn't bad enough to put me off the product.

If you have sensitive skin then this product might not be the best for you as it does tingle a bit when it is first applied.

The Soap and Glory Fab Pore Facial Peel is £8 from Boots! When I finish mine I will defiantly be repurchasing.

Megan xxx

PS. What do you think of my new picture background?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Animal Lovin

If you follow me on instagram (my username is megan22021997) then you may have seen my picture this morning of a turtle and an owl, they are iPod cases and are amazingly cute.

A company called Griffin technology make cases for iPods, iPhones, iPads, smartphones and even tablets. When I saw the owl iPod case I knew I needed it as I have an obsession with owls. My sister also wanted one and chose the turtle case. The animal cases are from a range called KaZoo although there are many ranges such as crayola crayons which I think are amazing.

The KaZoo cases are made of silicone although Griffin also make hard clip on cases.

I think we both chose the right colour of case to go with our iPod colour. The turtle case is much more bulky than the owl and pressing the lock button on the top is quite difficult. The KaZoo cases aren't really for you if your more practical but I have another case to put my iPod in when I go out so that isnt a problem for me.

They cost £24.99 and available to buy from the Griffin's website.

What cases do you have for your appliance?

Megan xx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

How I care for my hands and feet

I really love finding amazing hand creams to use to look after my hands, however im not so keen on feet so looking after them is a bit more difficult.

The only think I use to look after my hands is hand cream. I love hand cream and when I find one I love I tend to repurchase it again and again. Three of the best hand creams I have tried are :

Soap and glory hand food - This is highly raved about in the beauty community so i'm sure you've already heard about it but if you haven't its got the signature soap and glory scent and sinks in quickly and is not greasy at all.

Di Palomo Orange blosson with wild honey and olive - I got this in the May Luxbox and love it. The scent is amazing, I think it smells like orange with a hint of chocolate. The smell lasts on the hands for ages which I love and it leaves the hands feeling matte.

Blend Collective balancing hand cream - I love how this hand cream feels but don't like the smell so I passed it on to my mum. She says its the best hand cream she has ever tried and will certainly be repurchasing. However I do think this is an amazing hand cream and when I use it I use it with cotton gloves to really moisurise my hands.

Soap and glory heel genius - This is the best foot cream I have ever come across (with the exception of one but that completely stinks) I apply it when I feel my feet need it and then put cotton socks on and sleep with it on. When I take the socks of and wash in the morning my feet feel amazing. It doesn't have the signature scent but smells okay nevertheless.

PedEgg - I always wanted a PedEgg but thought the concept was a bit gross. Anyway I love it and use it on my heels and dry parts of my sole. It is so gentle on feet and it gets rid of callused skin amazingly well.

What do you use on your feet and hands?

Megan xx

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Treacle Moon......

If your anything like me and love things that smell unique yet lovely then you will love Treacle Moon. All of the flavors from Treacle Moon are fruity but don't smell at all artificial. I have the flavors one ginger morning and those lemonade days. 

The bottles are similar to the Philosophy products and you get a huge 500ml which will last you for ages. 

They can be used as shower gels or a bubble bath, I have only used them in the shower as I don't have many baths. One ginger morning smells just like gingerbread and those lemonade days smells like lemon curd. They lather up really well and the smell lasts on the skin but not so much that it interferes with things like perfume.

The best part is the bath and shower gels are only £1.99 from Tesco which is so cheap for how much product your getting.

Treacle moon also do hand wash, body scrub and body butter in some of the flavors. 

I now have the iced strawberry dream, the raspberry kiss and her mango thoughts on my wishlist.

Have you ever tried Treacle Moon?

Megan xx

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day is just around the corner (Sunday 17th June) so I though it would be a good idea to do a Fathers Day gift guide. Some of the items featured I have actually got for my dad, and some are just ideas and things I would like to buy him. Stupidly I have already wrapped all his presents up and haven't took pictures of them. After I have given my dad some of these products he will be reviewing the items on here if anyone wants to see that?

1. Mugs - Every Fathers Day I seem to buy my dad a mug. Its just such an easy present to buy and its one that will definitely be used. My dad loves the Olympics so I have got him a Union Jack mug from Ikea and an Olympic mug filled with Cadbury's chocolate from Home Bargains. I was also sent a really cute Twitter mug to give to my dad from ThumbsUp, its amazing the handle is a hash tag.
I know 3 mugs is a bit extreme but I couldn't resist!!

2. Fragrance - Fragrance is a great gift to get your dad, especially if he likes fragrances. There is one fragrance which I am giving him and its the Lacoste L.12.1.2 Rouge. Its only just been released and comes in the classic Lacoste bottle in red. Its apparently a spicy scent, but when I have given it to my dad I will get him to review it on here.

Another great fragrance brand is Boss, I have heard bottled sport is worn by F1 driver, Jenson Button so it must be good. 

3. Chocolate - Who doesn't love chocolate? Cadbury do some really nice Fathers Day gifts for example they currently have a No1 Dad big bar box which has 6 chocolate bars and a massive 1kg dairy milk with it. I personally think £15 is a lot for what you get but if your stuck for ideas this might be one. I just get my dad a bar of chocolate and sometimes a box of Thorntons chocolates.

4. Tops - This year we have got my dad 2 polo tops from Asda which are actually amazing quality. They start at £5 but depending if they have a design on them go up to about £10.

5. Gift sets - This year I haven't got my dad any gift sets because I have found it to be much better to make my own. To make them all you need is a gift bag or a old beauty box or just a normal box to put the items in. I normally put some matching deodorant and shower gel sets in, some chocolates and this year a new hairbrush. In these you can put anything that you want.

6. Watches - I would really love to be able to afford a designer watch for my dad as he wears a watch every day without fail but as i'm not made of money, its not going to happen. I really like ice watches for men as well as Boss and Rolex.

What have you got your dad for Father's Day?

Megan xx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Skincare Routine

Skincare is very important to me and even when i'm in a hurry and don't have time to use all the items featured below, I always apply some of the products. I will let you know which ones those are as we go through. 

To begin with in the morning and evening I cleanse my face either using Cetaphil or Avene gentle milk cleanser. I find cetaphil is the best at getting eye makeup off but I love using the Avene cleanser in the morning. I have fully reviewed Cetaphil here. I do also love Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but I am saving that because I dont want it to run out (sad I know)

(Sorry for this picture I don't know why its so white) After cleansing I apply my simple spotless skin moisturiser. In my morning routine I apply my Soltan face suncream SPF50 next unless I have any spots, in which case I apply it after the spot treatment. I apply suncream everyday even if its not sunny because I burn so easily and I also want to protect my skin.

If I have any spots in the morning I use the simple spotless skin spot zapper which is a roll on treatment for the spot. Then every evening I use Panoxyl on my spots and it works really well although I think I need the 5% strength. Panoxyl is available from the Chemist if you ask for it over the counter.

This is just my everyday routine. Some days I use a scrub and some days I use a mask but this is just what I use every single day.

Megan xx

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Revlon lip butters - Worth the hype?

(Raspberry pie above, macaroon below)

When I think about it now, these Revlon lip butters are the first products I have ever tried from Revlon. After hearing so much hype about the lip butters I ran out to Boots to get some except when I went they didnt have many colours in and no testers at all, so off home I went empty handed.

I was given the chance to try some this week and was so excited. I chose raspberry pie which is a gorgeous bright pink and macaroon which is a dark reddy pink on the lips. 

I am so impressed with the pigmentation of these lip butters. In all honesty I would say they are more lipstick/lipgloss/lipstain/lipbalm all in one. I applied raspberry pie this morning as soon as I received it. Since then I have eaten 2 meals, drank etc since I applied it and its still on my lips, not as vibrant as when I first applied it but it is still there.

I really love these, they are a great summer product as they aren't sticky at all and they only need to be applied once or twice a day. I now have candy apple, lollipop and sweet tart on my wishlist. They are completely worth the hype everyone has been giving them.

They retail for £7.99 but are currently on offer in boots for £5.99.

Will you be trying these?

Megan xx

Friday, 8 June 2012

300 Follower giveaway



This giveaway is a bit overdue as I have been talking about it for a couple of weeks on twitter. But anyway I hit 300 GFC followers so am having a giveaway to celebrate. Luxbox have kindly offered one of their past boxes for me to giveaway.

To enter all you need to do is
-Be a follower of mine with GFC 
-Leave a comment telling me if you would like the April box or the May box and in the comment also leave a way I can contact you if you win and a post you would like to see on this blog
-This giveaway will end in 3 weeks on the 29th June
-UK only 
-Only one entry per person

If all the rules aren't followed your entry into the giveaway won't count

Good Luck

Megan xx

iPod Touch

Just before Christmas my dad won an iPod touch in a competition and gave it to me. I always wanted one but never wanted to pay £200 for something I thought I would never use. Anyway since I got it I have used my computer a lot less as it does practically anything.

Now I have my iPod, if im ever without it I feel a bit lost. I love using it to check emails, watch videos (the quality of pictures and videos on the screen is amazing) and to play games when extremely bored.

The screen is really tightly placed (if that makes sense), some touch screen products you can feel the glass or plastic move when you touch it but with this you don't. 

The round button at the bottom takes you back to the main page (pictured above), the button on the top of the iPod locks it and at the side are volume keys.

I have the 8gb iPod and its the 4th generation one. I have a lovely pink case for this, as i'm always dropping it. I highly recommend getting a case for the iPod as I have heard the screen smashes really easily. I got my case for about £2 on ebay and they are really good quality. 

I really recommend the iPod touch to everyone of any age. Its a great present to give to family and will be loved by everyone.

Have you got any products from apple?

Megan xx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

May Favourites

May is now over and although to me June means Summer the weather in the UK is still pretty miserable. We have had a week of really nice weather though and that is when I used my monthly favourites the most.

Fragrance is something I really love in the Summer months, although on especially warm days I opt for a body spray instead as perfume can stain the skin brown. 

L'Occitane Eau Ravissante - This is such a girly and floral scent and great for summer I reviewed it fully here.

So...? Sinful is my favourite body spray and I really love to wear it. The smell lasts just like a perfume and it only costs about £1.50. 

In May I rediscovered my love for these 2 lip products.

Blistex Intensive moisturiser - This is an amazing lip balm, but one thats best to put on at night as it leaves a white tinge to the lips.

Barry M lipgloss - This lipgloss smells so nice and is a lovely pink colour with gold and silver flecks in it.

Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl - The word 'kohl' kind of put me off this product as kohl smudges and makes mess. This eyeliner is smudgeable for about 30 seconds after applying then after that it won't shift. I wear this on my waterline and then use a small brush to blend so the colour is less harsh.

Topshop cream blush in neon rose - This is my favourite blush ever (so far). I apply it with my fingers then use my sigma F80 to blend it properly into the skin. I have reviewed it fully here.

No7 makeup pallete - I bought this in Boots around Christmas time, it has a mini mascara, lipgloss and highlighter in it as 3 eyeshadows (my mothly favourite product). They are very easy to blend and really natural everyday colours.

What were your favourite products of May?

Megan xx