Friday, 8 June 2012

iPod Touch

Just before Christmas my dad won an iPod touch in a competition and gave it to me. I always wanted one but never wanted to pay £200 for something I thought I would never use. Anyway since I got it I have used my computer a lot less as it does practically anything.

Now I have my iPod, if im ever without it I feel a bit lost. I love using it to check emails, watch videos (the quality of pictures and videos on the screen is amazing) and to play games when extremely bored.

The screen is really tightly placed (if that makes sense), some touch screen products you can feel the glass or plastic move when you touch it but with this you don't. 

The round button at the bottom takes you back to the main page (pictured above), the button on the top of the iPod locks it and at the side are volume keys.

I have the 8gb iPod and its the 4th generation one. I have a lovely pink case for this, as i'm always dropping it. I highly recommend getting a case for the iPod as I have heard the screen smashes really easily. I got my case for about £2 on ebay and they are really good quality. 

I really recommend the iPod touch to everyone of any age. Its a great present to give to family and will be loved by everyone.

Have you got any products from apple?

Megan xx


  1. The Ipod touch is really cool, I'm more of an Andriod/Windows person myself. Apple sure does have neat features tho.

  2. I got the ipod touch for Christmas, and like you, I feel lost without it now! it basically does everything the iphone does apart from make phone calls, and at a fraction of the cost! I love it!