Sunday, 17 June 2012

Treacle Moon......

If your anything like me and love things that smell unique yet lovely then you will love Treacle Moon. All of the flavors from Treacle Moon are fruity but don't smell at all artificial. I have the flavors one ginger morning and those lemonade days. 

The bottles are similar to the Philosophy products and you get a huge 500ml which will last you for ages. 

They can be used as shower gels or a bubble bath, I have only used them in the shower as I don't have many baths. One ginger morning smells just like gingerbread and those lemonade days smells like lemon curd. They lather up really well and the smell lasts on the skin but not so much that it interferes with things like perfume.

The best part is the bath and shower gels are only £1.99 from Tesco which is so cheap for how much product your getting.

Treacle moon also do hand wash, body scrub and body butter in some of the flavors. 

I now have the iced strawberry dream, the raspberry kiss and her mango thoughts on my wishlist.

Have you ever tried Treacle Moon?

Megan xx


  1. Hello Megan - it's Treacle Moon here! Thanks so much for the post - we are delighted that you love Ginger Morning and Lemonade Days as much as we do. All products in the range are on offer at the moment (although the non promotional price of the 500ml Bath & Shower Gel is £2.99).

    Best wishes and stay in touch! Lots of love, Treacle Moon xx

  2. I keep seeing these products and thinking how amazing the 'flavours'/scents sound. The two you've got sound like perfect morning pick-me-ups, nice and zingy and invigorating. I'm definitely going to be getting my hands on a few of these soon as I love fruity fragrances.
    Mel x