Sunday, 8 September 2013

Collective Haul

Hi everyone! Some of you may know that last week I started sixth form which meant over the summer I have had the excuse to shop for now clothes as we no longer have to wear uniform. I realised that I was running pretty low on clothes so they were my main priority when shopping. These things weren't all bought at the same time but over the space of about a month. I thought i'd show you what I got because I love reading haul posts.

This jumper is from George at Asda. Lately I think that their items have become much better quality and I think some of the things they currently have in are similar to those in Topshop and H&M and even though they have upped there prices, they are still much more affordable than the favourite high street stores. This jumper is so cosy and only cost £14! I also bought 2 basic t-shirts and a blue/grey hoody from George but thought they were a bit boring to show.

The backpack is from Asos and cost £20. No, its not the nicest looking thing but for sixth form I wanted a rucksack that will fit everything in it and that is well made so it doesn't break when a little bit of weight is put in it.

I have never really taken much notice of dorothy perkins before but when I was on a hunt for new jeans I decided to have a look what they had. Luckily I did because I managed to find 2 pairs that fit me really well. The pair on the left are straight legged and are really thick denim which I really like. They cost £25 which is great considering how good quality they are. 

The second pair are skinny but are much thinner denim which I don't like as much but they cost £15! 

I was out looking for shoes on bank holiday monday and I always really struggle finding shoes I like or that fit so I wasn't expecting to come home with any. I found these white reebok's and I know everyone hates reeboks and think they're 'chavvy' or whatever but I'd rather wear these and have dry feet in the winter than be wearing something more stylish and getting wet, blistered feet. As it was the bank holiday the shop was having a 25% off everything offer and as these were already reduced they only cost me £26.

Now when I saw these I loved them. Purple,blue and stars with a bit of ribbon at the back, I fell in love. I haven't actually worn them yet so can't comment on what I actually think of them but I think i'll be wearing them with skinny jeans and a chunky jumper in the winter. They are from the Adidas Neo range and I managed to get them for £24 and they were originally £65.

 These are a bit random but I got a Charles Worthington salt spray to see if it will actually do anything to my hair which I highly doubt it will, but its worth a go. 

I also got these papermate pens from Asda and they are officially my new favourite pens, I am definitely going to go back for another pack. You get 10 different colours and they are so lovely to write with. They will be great for revision and i've already started using them in my blogging notebook! 

Lastly I got the first 2 books in the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld after reading the sample of them on the kindle version and really liking them. I'm really looking forward to reading the whole things and if you'd like me to do a book review on here please let me know.

Have you bought anything lately?

Megan xx