Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Autumn Beauty Wishlist

I love looking online for things I want to buy. This way I tend not to spend too much money as I'm just 'looking' .I'm not normally one to get excited by Lush. I think their prices are far too high and I don't think the products are all that everyone makes them out to be. However after having a quick look on the website this morning I found some seasonal products that I love the sound of.

Melting snowman Bath Bomb £1.95
Cinders Bath Bomb £2.25
Jacko Bath Bomb £3.50
Christmas Eve Bubble Bar £2.95

Mua Nail Constellations in Pisces - £3
Topshop cream blush in Prime Time £6
Mua Undressed Pallette £3
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On & On Bronze £5

If you would like to see my fashion wishlist please let me know.

Megan xx

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Luxbox Review | September 2012

The packaging and the price

Luxbox is £12.95 including p&p which is about the same as all the other beauty boxes. The box itself is a dusty lilac kinda colour. The thing that really annoys me is the black shredding inside. They make all the products in the box have a black dust look on them and its really hard to get off. However I do like the fact the paper stops things getting broken in the post.

Murad oil free suncream SPF 30 - 10ml
£5.40/10ml or £27/50ml
This is one of the 2 products that I am excited to see in the box. If you have read my blog for a while you will know I burn so easily in the sun so this is nice to have in my collection. I haven't tried it out yet (because we have no sun) although I will let you know what I think when I have tried it.

Immerse me face mask b.liv by cellnique - 1 mask
£1.35/ 1 mask or £9.50/ 7 masks
This is the other product I am excited about trying. I don't have overly dry skin but I think this will really help with hydrating my skin and repairing the dryness inside. If you would like to see a review of this once I have tried it let me know.

Skinkind unique skin kind moisturiser - 10ml
£4.99/10ml or £24.95/50ml
I don't really like the look of this. I mean there isn't anything wrong with it but I probably won't be using it. Its just a facial moisturiser and it doesn't look like anything special.

Betty Hula moisturiser in champagne and spice.
Sample size unknown 
This is a massive fail in my opinion. I have tried these samples before and although they smell nice they are completely useless unless you only want to moisturise half of one leg. I personally like to use the same moisturiser all over so don't like tiny samples like these.

Black and white genuine pluko - Full size
I'm a bit confused about what this actually is. Its meant to sculpt and style hair. To be honest it sounds like a hair gel that a man would use. I certainly won't be using this, and I don't think anyone I know will want it either so I don't quite know what I will be doing with it.

Overall I am extremely dissapointed with this box. I know you get your money's worth and everything but they products aren't things I can imagine many females being very happy with. There was also no product card this month which is a little bit annoying but its not the end of the world. The box also smells horrible I think its either the hair pluko so I will need to air the box before I use it for storage. I have heard that next month there will be 3 full sized products from the same company so I'm hoping its a decent brand. In case you didn't know the September box got cancelled so they could concentrate on making the service better etc.

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes?

Megan x

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

HD Brows Pallette With Before And After Pictures

Since the HD brows pallette appeared in one of the first glossy boxes they have become so popular in the blogging community. As I have a fringe, I don't really tend to fill in my brows. I also am happy with the natural shape of my eyebrows. My mum however has very thin, sparse eyebrows so I thought I would show you how well this pallette works using her as the model. The pallette I have is in the shade Foxy.

In the pallette you get 4 powders. My camera has picked the colours up well except for the bottom right. In the picture it looks quite purple/plummy and in real life its actually more of a muddy colour. You also get a double ended brush. One end is angled and the other is rounded as they can also be used as eyeshadows.

As you can see from the above picture my mums eyebrows are very fair in colour and very sparse. She also has a full fringe so filling in her brows regularly isn't a must for her although when she saw the results she was so impressed she has now got the HD pallette for herself as I rarely used it.

I didn't want to make the brows to dark or to different to how they are normally but the powder makes such a difference. This is definitely mine and my mums favourite brow pallette that we have used.

I believe the product is around the £20 mark but is definitely worth it if your brows are an important part of your make up routine.

Do you fill in your brows? 

Megan xx


Monday, 1 October 2012

Not Another Bill | September 2012

If you read my post last month about Not Another Bill you will know that I really love the concept and idea of the whole thing. If you don't know, Not Another Bill is a subscription service (much like the beauty boxes) in which you get sent a gift in the post each month. The gifts can vary so much. Last time I got a boat figure which sits on my mantle piece whereas this month I got something much more practical.

This month's gift came from Tatty Devine, a jewelery company who usually make their items out of perspex. The gift was a chip fork necklace which I love. It is gold perspex and on a gold chain. It is quite short which is the length I like necklaces.

I think it is such a lovely piece and it's something I have wore a lot since I got it. I think it goes well with most things as its gold. My favourite thing to wear it with is a blue top as it really stands out on blue.

You can subscribe to not another bill for £17.50 a month here. They also ship worldwide so everyone can get lovely gifts in the post each month. They cater for different types of people and you specify this when ordering in the questionnaire on their website.

Do you subscribe to anything like this?

Megan xx