Monday, 1 October 2012

Not Another Bill | September 2012

If you read my post last month about Not Another Bill you will know that I really love the concept and idea of the whole thing. If you don't know, Not Another Bill is a subscription service (much like the beauty boxes) in which you get sent a gift in the post each month. The gifts can vary so much. Last time I got a boat figure which sits on my mantle piece whereas this month I got something much more practical.

This month's gift came from Tatty Devine, a jewelery company who usually make their items out of perspex. The gift was a chip fork necklace which I love. It is gold perspex and on a gold chain. It is quite short which is the length I like necklaces.

I think it is such a lovely piece and it's something I have wore a lot since I got it. I think it goes well with most things as its gold. My favourite thing to wear it with is a blue top as it really stands out on blue.

You can subscribe to not another bill for £17.50 a month here. They also ship worldwide so everyone can get lovely gifts in the post each month. They cater for different types of people and you specify this when ordering in the questionnaire on their website.

Do you subscribe to anything like this?

Megan xx


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    1. Hey, yeah I do its @megan22021997

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  3. Hi,

    Is it normally just one present? Do you think it's good value? If you bought the things in the shop would it be cheaper?