Saturday, 29 September 2012

Shopping My Stash #1

I always read these posts as they are one of my favourites to read. I thought as I am trying to downsize my collection of products I would do one of these posts too. I am going to try and use up all these products in a month, so in a month I will write an update letting you know how I did. 

Dove go fresh shower gel in pomegranate and lemon - I have used about 1/4 of this. I do like it, I just like others better. I have loads of shower gels so I just want to use them up one at a time.

Nivea happy time body lotion - I have so many body lotions its unreal. I rarely even use them which is annoying and I am so picky about the ones I do use. If they take to long to sink in I will just stop using them. This has been used once so I need to use it a lot to finish it in a month.

VO5 nourish me truly conditioner - This is about half used. I always finish conditioners before shampoo and like to use matching ones so I finished one of these then bought another one but then the shampoo ran out so I stopped using this. It is a really good conditioner though so I am looking forward to finishing it.

Dove damage therapy intensive repair conditioner - Ignore this one, I have a smaller one that I want to use instead (featured below)

Young skin eye make up remover from asda - I really like this, it removes mascara so well. I have so many eye make up removers that I just want to try and use some of them up. This is about 1/3 empty.

Simple light moisturiser - I will be honest I don't really like this but I really need to use things like this up. I actually have another one exactly the same for some reason. I have used this twice so there is a lot left.

Pantene classic care conditioner - I have to admit I have had this for about 2 years and never touched it. I do normally quite like pantene and as its a mini it should be gone easily in a month.

Adidas fruity rhythm body spray - I got this in a gift set with a shower gel for Christmas and I do really like it. I do prefer to wear perfume though so I think I will wear this when I am just staying at home. There is about half left.

Nivea double effect deodorant - I have never used this although I have tried other Nivea deodorants and absolutely hated them. Hopefully it will be good but if not it won't take long to use up.

Natural collection body spray in apple and lime - I actually have 7 of these, not all in the same scent but I got a gift set just containing these. I have already used about half but as I have 6 others to use I just want to use them up as quickly as possible.

Dove damage therapy intensive repair conditioner - I think I won 2 of these in a competition. I have already used one and really like it although I don't think it makes much difference to the condition of the hair. This is full.

Please let me know if you like this post as if you do I will do one every month.

Megan xx

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