Saturday, 8 September 2012

She Said Beauty Box | September 2012

The packaging and the price

This is the first ever she said box I have got and I must say I love the packaging. The products come in a sturdy turquoise box with a magnetic flip lid. When you lift the lid a ribbon ties up a piece of tissue paper around the products and the products are on a straw kinda material. I love this as it makes the brand stand out from the other beauty boxes which normally have a black and pink colour scheme. The box costs £12.95 a month including p&p and you can order it here.

Collection 2000 Primed And Ready Primer Full Size
I already own this product and it's a firm favourite of mine so I am glad to see this in the box as a back up for when I run out. It makes a great make up base and really softens the skin.

Collection 2000 Fix Me Up Make Up fixer Full Size
I also already own this and although it is a nice product I don't use it very often. I'm not a massive fan of the smell and rarely need make up to last for an extremely long period of time. You just spray this on top of makeup to help keep it in place all day.

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask 15ml
£1.50/15ml or £4.95/75ml
I also happen to already own this product (this is the last one from this box that I already own, I promise), although I have never actually tried it. The sachet feels really cold so I think it will be really refreshing on the skin although when I use mine I will probably put them in the fridge first to make them extra cold.

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel 10ml
I tried this product out last night and really love it. Its basically a scrub/cleanser that you apply to dry skin with dry hands. I really enjoyed using it because you could actually see that it was removing the dead skin from the top of your skin. I wouldn't recommend using this every day though as it does feel a little bit stripping (my nose is so shiny today after using it)

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 30ml
£3.50/30ml, £9.50/70ml or £18.50/200ml
I have never heard of DHC before but they are from Japan. The product claims to dissolve dirt, excess oil, colour cosmetics and other pore cloggers. I personally didn't like this product after using it as I didn't feel like it even cleaned my skin never mind anything else. 

A little extra this month was a bag of popchips. I saw these on an American youtube channel the other day and wanted them since so it must have been fate that they arrived on my doorstep a few days later. I ate them as soon as I opened the box and I must say they are delicious.

Which beauty box subscription service is your favourite?

Megan xx

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  1. I love the colour scheme too. It just screams artsy/pretty.
    I don't actually think I'd use anything in that box except for the popchips. I only wear eye makeup and lip gloss. Although that's kinds of the point. To help you try new stuff. So it doesn't look like a good fit for me.
    I'm not subscribed to any beauty boxes right now, but I really want to be.