Thursday, 29 August 2013

Autumn Outfit Ideas

Now the weather is supposed to start getting cooler and the autumn/winter clothes are in shops I thought this would be a good time to do an autumn outfit ideas kind of post. I love browsing websites looking for clothes so thought I would share some of the pieces I am loving. I think these outfits would also be great to wear if you are holidaying in the UK.

When I think of Autumn I sort of think of biker's and their leather jackets. I love this one from Topshop and think it's a great staple piece to have. I personally think that a light blue or olive green top looks great with leather jackets and love this speckled blue one from George at Asda. I know going all black isn't something everyone loves but I have put Topshop Leigh black jeans above. Teamed with some Topshop Mighty boots, I think this is a perfect autumn outfit. 

For a really cold autumn day I love body warmers/gilets. I love this one from George at Asda but for some reason they only have a blue one online when they have a burgundy coloured one in stores. I think either colour works well but I do prefer the burgundy one. I would wear this with a white, grey or black long sleeved top like this one from Marks and Spencer. For bottoms I would say riding pants are a good idea as they are thick so will keep you warm and they also look great with these Ugg's which I would have as footwear. This outfit would be perfect if you are going for a long walk which wouldn't be complete without visiting a tea room.

I love this dress from Ark and think that it would look lovely with this cardiganBig, chunky knits are my favourite items in the autumn/winter months so I couldn't not include one. I love the look of brown ankle boots with dresses so think these ones from Ark are lovely. This would be perfect for a day that isn't too cold or for a meal out.

Please let me know if you like this kind of post or not.

Megan xx

Monday, 19 August 2013

Sherwood Forest Visit

Living right on the Nottinghamshire border, Sherwood Forest is somewhere I visit every summer and other times of the year. Although we often struggle to get there due to getting lost, this year we used a trusty GPS app which got us there first go We visited this year during the Robin Hood Festival so this post is a bit overdue but I only just decided to write about it.

The Robin Hood Festival is a one week event at Sherwood Forest every year. There is so much to do from archery to pottery making and loads of different craft and handmade stalls. We took our guide dog puppy with us and although we had a great day I don't recommend taking a puppy with you as it got so busy by the visitor center that people were bashing into him and stepping on his tail. 

The stalls were amazing and probably my favourite thing about the festival. There was a leather carver woman who was personalising key-rings, belts, bags and other leather goods. I got my dad a lovely keyring with his initial on it. There was also a bracelet stall with handmade leather bracelets which I had to get one of. All around the forest there were free shows to go to and characters such as Robin Hood and Maid Marian walking around. There was also a man doing pottery making (with the spinning table and everything) which I must admit to having a go at and there was also a jousting stadium which had been set up and there were shows and jousting held in there.

If you have been to Sherwood forest then you will know that there is a craft village about 10 minutes walk away from the visitor center which is lovely to visit if you have any time left, as well as the 2 visitor center shops and a restaurant.

My family got speaking to a man (because he wanted to say hello to the dog) who had traveled from the South coast on his motorbike. He was saying that he had wanted to visit for a while but that his car wouldn't make it this far but he got classic bike insurance so could come up on his bike. I find it fascinating that people travel so far just to see the Major Oak. The festival also seemed to be popular with tourists from Asia. This shows how famous Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest are all over the world which is incredible.

The day was great for my whole family and there definitely was something for everyone. I know this post was about the festival but if you visit when the festival is not on there is still plenty for the whole family to do.

Let me know if you have been to Sherwood Forest.

Megan xx

Saturday, 10 August 2013

5 Things To Do In England This Summer

I personally really enjoy spending my summer in England and love finding new places and new things to do in the country which I live in. Hopefully I will have ideas that suit every age range and location in the country. Sorry that this is about England and not the whole UK but I only have knowledge of England and Scotland.

1. Visit the New Forest. The New Forest is one of my favourite places to visit in England. I love that you can be driving along with pony's roaming free and cows wandering down the middle of the road. There are so many little villages to visit which have lovely tea rooms and gift shops.

2. Go to the theater or opera. During the summer a lot of west end shows tour the UK so they become more accessible for everyone. I have only been to the west end once to see the Wizard of Oz and loved it. Theaters also have productions of their own on so they are worth checking out to. The opera is also a good place to visit if you want a nice night out with family. The English National Opera have several productions on in London such as ballets and in October a new production, Madam Butterfly, is being shown. After watching some videos about it, it sounds like the perfect romantic production.

3. Go to the beach. My favourite beaches in England are Whitby/Scarborough and in Dorset. I love spending the day on the coast, not so much lying on the beach but walking down the pier and visiting independent shops and not to forget fish and chips at the end of the day.

4. Go to the Zoo or Safari Park. If you get nice weather, the zoo is a great place to spend the day with family. Some zoo's are a bit of a disappointment but my favourites are Knowsley Safari Park and Longleat. Also if you do happen to be in Scotland, Edinburgh zoo is the best zoo I have ever been to.

5. Spend the day in a city. Spending the day in a city is a great way to keep everyone happy. Whether it's shopping, sight seeing or going for afternoon tea, there will be enough to do. My favourite cities are Nottingham, Liverpool and Shrewsbury (is Shrewsbury a city?)

What are your favourite things to do during the summer?

Megan x