Thursday, 19 February 2015

Luxury Wishlist

As my birthday is coming up I thought I would put together a wishlist of luxury items that I wouldn't normally buy for myself. 

First up is the Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume. My friend gave me a sample of this and it hands down beats all of the Marc Jacobs ones. At around £50 for the smallest bottle it's definitely at the higher end of perfume. 

These black Dr Martens from Union Jack Boots are something I have always wanted as they are the perfect practical while still stylish shoe. The yellow stitching always put me off for some reason so these ones with no yellow stitching are right up my street! 

I've wanted a really nice watch for a while now (Michael Kors, I'm looking at you!) but the ones I like are all so expensive. On the hunt recently I found this Jacqueline watch from Fossil and it's so beautiful. The fabric may not be as long lasting as a chain link watch but I think this is much more practical for me. Maybe a possible birthday present *hint hint*.

Another piece of jewellery that I've had my eye on is the Delicate Bow Ring from Pandora. I don't own any rings that could be worn on a daily basis but I think this is subtle enough to become an everyday addition to my outfits. 

Still on the jewellery theme (I think this is my new thing!), this Kate Spade hinge bangle is gorgeous, I just can't decide if I prefer the gold or the silver. Let me know which you prefer. Kate Spade items always look so luxurious and this is no different. This is something that I think I will be definitely asking for, you only turn 18 once right? 

If you have your eye on any luxurious items let me know in the comments!

Megan x