Saturday, 26 May 2012

Next Olympic Scarf

The whole country seems so excited for the Olympics this year. There is so many British and Olympic memorabilia around at the moment and this scarf is a great addition to it. This is the Paralympic scarf from Next, it costs £5 and all profits go to British athletes. The scarf is 50cm by 50cm and I have been challenged to wear it in as many creative ways as possible. As I have been a bit unwell I got my sister to model the scarf.

This is my personal favorite way to wear the scarf. Although its not long enough to bring the ends back to the front I find loosely tying it at the back and then scrunching the front looks lovely on.

I have been tying the scarf through my bag a lot since I received the scarf. Its a very simple and easy way to wear the scarf and show your support for team GB everyday. (The photo doesn't do the scarf justice, it looks a lot better on the bag in real life)

Wearing the scarf around the neck like this was inspired by classic air hostesses. I have tested this out with a few outfits and it looks best with a plain top, especially red or white.

The next 2 ways we styled the scarf were on the head. I really love the top picture, for that we just folded the scarf until it was really quite thin and put it on like a headband and tied it at the back of the head. The second way of wearing it would look great with a topknot. Obviously the 2 parts sticking out can be styled into more bow shapes and things. 

The Paralympic scarf is my new favorite scarf. There is also an Olympic scarf available for £10 which is double the size of the Paralympic scarf.

How will you wear yours?

Megan xx