Sunday, 19 February 2012

Japonesque Artisan Tweezers

If you have seen my previous Japonesque post and my tweets on twitter you will know I live Japonesque brushes. The tweezers caught my eye also though as there are so many different patterns or just plain coloured ones. I went for the 'Pink swirl patterned artisan tweezers'. They are amazing and the best tweezers I have ever owned by a long mile. 

They are very sharp so you can be very precise. If they become blunt Japonesque have a programme (which I think also applies in the UK) where you can send them to Japonesque HQ  and they will sharpen them for you free of charge.

I really love these tweezers, although i'm not sure where there available in the UK 

What do you think of Japonesque tweezers? 

Megan xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Guest Blogger Q&A #1

I am starting a blogger Q&A series on my post and the first blogger is the lovely Charlotte from The Fairest Of Them All.

Blogs name - The Fairest Of Them All

Why did you start your blog ?
  I started my blog after constantly looking at my friend Amy's Beauty Boutique Blog :) I loved reading hers and thought why not start my own ! So I did and it's only been 8 weeks but I love it !!

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
The blogging community ! I love how everyone is like a family and you really get to know other bloggers :)

What make up do you use on a daily basis? 
On a daily basis I use my Clinique super balanced foundation , elf mineral powder , blink and go mascara from the glossy box I love it !! And Clinique bronzer or blusher depending on my mood :) 

Where are your favourite places to shop?
Favourite places to shop are primark and topshop a lot of topshop dupes can be found in primark but when I want to treat myself I head to topshop :)
What are your 4 top makeup brands?
Estée lauder

When did you first become interested in makeup?
I have always been interested from when I was little and wanted to put lipstick on like my mum but I didn't properly start wearing it till about year 9 in high school and that was because every body else did :) I wouldn't say I really need to wear makeup but for some reason I won't leave the house without it !! It's a confidence thing I think :) 

What are your favourite blogs?
Sunday girl
Beauty Boutique
Cupcakes and cosmetics
Sophie etc
Flutter and sparkle

If you would like to take part in a blogger Q&A please leave a comment below with your email address and I will email you the questions.

Megan xx

Conran Scent 2

Conran wasn't a brand I was overly familiar with so when I had the chance to review some products from them I didn't say no. I got to choose the scent either 1 or 2. scent 1 is a spicy scent with nutmeg and pepper in it. Scent 2 is fresh with lemon and floral scent.

I received the Body scrub and the shower gel in scent 2. I really dislike the smell of the body scrub but love the smell of the shower gel even though they are meant to be the same. I feel like the scent of the scrub is a lot stronger than the shower gel (I think this might just be me though).

The scrub itself does the job its supposed to do. It has a strange consistency that I haven't seen before in a scrub it's sort of foam like. It is an expensive one though at £25, but it does work well and a little does go a long way.

The shower gel is lovely and the scent really lasts on your body. Its very refreshing especially in the morning when you have just woken up. It cost £16 which I think is a bit expensive but if your a person who likes luxurious products then I think this is one for you.

The packaging on all of Conran products look very expensive and when I first saw them I linked them to the bottles you have at hotels.

Megan xx

Umberto Giannini Products

I have heard lots of people rave about Umberto Giannini products for a while so when I was offered the chance to try them I couldn't wait to give them a try.

My favourite product of the 2 I received is the Glamour Puss Crystal Mist which is basically just a glitter spray. Its not full on disco ball which I like, it just shimmers when the light hits it. Its £5.61 in Boots which I think is quite good as you don't really need that much in one go.

The next product is the highly raved about backcomb in a bottle. To be honest this just doesn't work for me. It claims to add the texture and volume that backcombing your hair does. It hardly gives me any volume but maybe that's because of how thick and long my hair is. It does smell quite nice though! This is also £5.61 from Boots.

Megan xx

Monday, 13 February 2012

Win Cutey Charm Bracelets!

You may have seen my last post about Cutey Charm Bracelets and how much I love them. Also you may have noticed I have hit 250 followers. The lovely people from Cutey have offered 2 of their bracelets as a prize.

So I decided that there will be 2 winners winning 1 bracelet each of their choice.

Rules are :
You must follow my blog to enter
Leave a comment on this post telling me a request for a post (can be a specific item review) and tell me which Cutey bracelet you would choose if you win.
Leave your email address or twitter name in the comments or email me your entry if you dont want people to see your email address.
You need permission if your under 18
The giveaway will close on Sunday March 4th at midnight

Good luck everyone 

Megan xx

Cutey Bracelets

Cutey is an online bracelet shop which I heard about on twitter. When I had the chance to review them I was really excited. I was really lucky to be sent 2 bracelets.

As you can tell from the pictures above the charm bracelets are gorgeous. They have a range of designs and all cost £12.99 except one which is £14.99.

I love wearing these bracelets and the only problem I have with them is opening them to get them  on and off. It has a strange opening to me but it looks good on the bracelet as it looks like another charm. Once youve opened it a few times it loosens up anyway so its not really a big deal.

These bracelets can be purchased from

Megan xx

Topshop Eye Crayons

Eye crayons are always something I've been a little iffy to try - won't they make a mess putting them on? Well the answer is not really. Topshop's eye crayons are extremely creamy, long wearing and easy to apply. The two colours I have are Ramble and Sunshower.

Both the colours last such a long time and are so pigmented. They come in a twisty tube which is great as you dont need to sharpen it. Also the packaging is lovely, its very sturdy and has a lovely design like the rest of the Topshop makeup.
I apply it by applying it straight to my eyelids then blending with my finger or a brush which is what is suggested on the Topshop website. They would also make a great upper eyeliner especially ramble.

The colours are so beautiful and I cant really find a fault in them. I certainly want to try more Topshop make up after trying these especially the cream blushes.
The eye crayons are £7.50 from Topshop 

Megan xx