Sunday, 19 February 2012

Japonesque Artisan Tweezers

If you have seen my previous Japonesque post and my tweets on twitter you will know I live Japonesque brushes. The tweezers caught my eye also though as there are so many different patterns or just plain coloured ones. I went for the 'Pink swirl patterned artisan tweezers'. They are amazing and the best tweezers I have ever owned by a long mile. 

They are very sharp so you can be very precise. If they become blunt Japonesque have a programme (which I think also applies in the UK) where you can send them to Japonesque HQ  and they will sharpen them for you free of charge.

I really love these tweezers, although i'm not sure where there available in the UK 

What do you think of Japonesque tweezers? 

Megan xx


  1. I've read such good things about the brushes! And these are soo pretty! x

  2. Hi :o)

    Like your blog very much... Try and go to this page:

    I am not sure if it is the same twezer, but I think so.. You can buy one for £11.99... It looks like at tweezer that I would like to get my hands on... Just have to find out if they are shipping to Denmark :o) Have a beautiful week-end :o)