Monday, 13 February 2012

Win Cutey Charm Bracelets!

You may have seen my last post about Cutey Charm Bracelets and how much I love them. Also you may have noticed I have hit 250 followers. The lovely people from Cutey have offered 2 of their bracelets as a prize.

So I decided that there will be 2 winners winning 1 bracelet each of their choice.

Rules are :
You must follow my blog to enter
Leave a comment on this post telling me a request for a post (can be a specific item review) and tell me which Cutey bracelet you would choose if you win.
Leave your email address or twitter name in the comments or email me your entry if you dont want people to see your email address.
You need permission if your under 18
The giveaway will close on Sunday March 4th at midnight

Good luck everyone 

Megan xx


  1. Hello!

    Congrats on reaching 250 followers :) I am following you via GFC. I would love to see you review some Barry M Nail Paints.

    If I win, I'd choose the Cutey Eros bracelet - it's gorgeous.

    My email is bewitcheryblog @gmail .com

    Naomi x (@Bewitchery_)

    PS. Please check out my blog,!

  2. Congrats darling, I follow via GFC, I'd love to win the. I'd love to see some nail polish, mascara or foundation reviews :) I'd love the EROS bracelet, it's so pretty!! Thanks sweetie.

    Ellie @misseblog

  3. Congrats!
    I am following via GFC(anna_k67)
    I like Hemera bracelet
    I'd love to see more nail polish reviews


    anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

  4. I follow your blog as Annabel Lee.

    I would love to see you review some Rimmel 60 second nail polish.

    I would like the Hypnos bracelet.

    00AnnabelLee00 [at] gmail [dot] com

  5. Hi Megan!

    Congratulations on reaching 250 followers - it's always a lovely feeling knowing that your blogs are out there and getting read isn't it? I am following you via GFC under my Twitter name of SarahJLCooper.

    My request is quite unusual, but I would love to see you review a brand called Real Purity. I have really sensitive skin and I have just discovered their foundation and I think it is AMAZING! It is made up of totally natural ingredients but at the moment it is only available in America which is a bit of a pain. But it is so nice not to break out every time I want to wear foundation.

    If I win, I'd choose the Eros bracelet - it's stunning.

    My email is sarahcooper2004 @hotmail .com

    Thanks so much for running xxx

  6. I love the Eros charm.
    Would be great to get a woman perspective on men and skincare/make up. I may be OK at choosing gifts for girls , even dressing them to an extent, but looking after my own skin or what a woman thinks works leaves me stumped !
    Following as @mawhittaker.

  7. Hi, following with GFC as M.
    I'd like to see a review on OPI nail polishes.
    I like the Pontus bracelet.
    @maisietoo is my Twitter contact ID.

  8. Following you via GFC :D

    Lovely prize that you are giving away!! xx

    Well done on hitting 250, and getting even more fans!

    I would love to see a review where you do a battle of the brands for a like for like product like YSL vs L'oreal Volume Mascara to see if more expensive means a better product?



  9. I am following via GFC - robertfox24

    I would love to see a review on some eye creams, I need to sort out the bags under my eyes, lol

    I would choose the Eros bracelet

    robertfox24 [AT] aol [DOT] com

  10. Following via GFC. I would choose Hemera because I like the key on it.

  11. I would choose, Oizys, love the colours!
    Would love to see reviews of hair removal technology!
    Am following your blog :)

  12. Congrats!
    Following on GFC as Sarah N
    I love the Hemera charm bracelet.
    lemonpiez AT

  13. Following!! Nails inc post as I'm a addict. @supermommy1983

  14. well done on getting to 250.
    following on GFC (emma j lowe)
    would be good to see some reviews on creams for dry skin, especially for the hands and feet.
    i am loving the Oizys bracelet.

  15. Following on GFC as Honora Livesey
    I'd love a blog review on budget vs designer cosmetics - does price reflect quality?
    I would love the gorgeous Eros bracelet should I be so lucky as to win.
    You can contact me on
    Keep up the good work :)

  16. I would like to see more reviews of shampoos and skincare.

    I'd love the Hemera bracelet.

    crescentglow (at)

  17. great prize following as @captainscarletz

  18. Hi, following with GFC as Helen Rhoads
    I'd like to see a review on best black mascaras
    I would love the Gaia bracelet
    @gumbie23 is my Twitter contact

  19. I'd love to see reviews of shiny metallic nail varnishes :)

    My fave bracelet is Hemera


  20. hi there, love your blog.
    Id love a review on hair care to see which products are the best at reducing frizz.
    i love the Eros bracelet.

  21. Following on GFC as Piperand Daisy @piperanddaisy

    I'd like to see a blog post on face creams that really work for incredibly dry skin!

    I love the Hemera bracelet

  22. Hi I love your blog and am a follower to.
    I love the Hemera bracelet.

    I would love to see some mascara reviews, as my eyelashes are short AND stubby AND straight AND blonde!

  23. I would like to enter your Cutey Bracelet Competition and my choice of bracelet is: Hemera

    I would also love to see you review Foundations or Primers because these are the two things I struggle to find a suitable one that offers a flawless finish for everyday wear.

    Following on GFC as Kirsteen Mackay

  24. Congratulations on getting to the 250 mark, I bet your so proud but I see it wont be long before you hit the 300 mark, so congratulations for then as well.
    If I was a lucky cutey winner I would LOVE the Philotes bracelet, the pink makes it extra girlie. I am looking for a good lasting pink lipstick for the summer so I would like you to review different shades and brands of pink lipstick.
    My email is

    Thankyou for the great giveaway x

  25. What gorgeous bracelets these are! Hard choice but I'd choose Eros.
    I'd like a review on tinted moisturisers because with better weather coming soon (hopefully!) I'd like to wear something lighter than foundation but to give me a bit of colour and stop me looking like the living dead!
    Tweeting @LindyHine

  26. Hi! Cute blog :)

    I'm on GFC as From Us and twitter as @AmyPop26

    As a fellow beauty junkie any mascara review is fab, and also maybe an Eve Lom review, I've always wanted to know what that is like!

    My favourite bracelet is the Eros :)
    Thank you!