Monday, 13 February 2012

Topshop Eye Crayons

Eye crayons are always something I've been a little iffy to try - won't they make a mess putting them on? Well the answer is not really. Topshop's eye crayons are extremely creamy, long wearing and easy to apply. The two colours I have are Ramble and Sunshower.

Both the colours last such a long time and are so pigmented. They come in a twisty tube which is great as you dont need to sharpen it. Also the packaging is lovely, its very sturdy and has a lovely design like the rest of the Topshop makeup.
I apply it by applying it straight to my eyelids then blending with my finger or a brush which is what is suggested on the Topshop website. They would also make a great upper eyeliner especially ramble.

The colours are so beautiful and I cant really find a fault in them. I certainly want to try more Topshop make up after trying these especially the cream blushes.
The eye crayons are £7.50 from Topshop 

Megan xx

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  1. Def worth a try . I feel the way u did and was worried to much would be applied or it would bd messy.