Monday, 13 February 2012

Cutey Bracelets

Cutey is an online bracelet shop which I heard about on twitter. When I had the chance to review them I was really excited. I was really lucky to be sent 2 bracelets.

As you can tell from the pictures above the charm bracelets are gorgeous. They have a range of designs and all cost £12.99 except one which is £14.99.

I love wearing these bracelets and the only problem I have with them is opening them to get them  on and off. It has a strange opening to me but it looks good on the bracelet as it looks like another charm. Once youve opened it a few times it loosens up anyway so its not really a big deal.

These bracelets can be purchased from

Megan xx

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  1. I would choose the one with key as it is unique and very fashionable