Friday, 8 June 2012

300 Follower giveaway



This giveaway is a bit overdue as I have been talking about it for a couple of weeks on twitter. But anyway I hit 300 GFC followers so am having a giveaway to celebrate. Luxbox have kindly offered one of their past boxes for me to giveaway.

To enter all you need to do is
-Be a follower of mine with GFC 
-Leave a comment telling me if you would like the April box or the May box and in the comment also leave a way I can contact you if you win and a post you would like to see on this blog
-This giveaway will end in 3 weeks on the 29th June
-UK only 
-Only one entry per person

If all the rules aren't followed your entry into the giveaway won't count

Good Luck

Megan xx


  1. I'd love to win the April Box. I follow you on GFC :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I'd love to win the april box:)

    Already following you on GFC:)

    Thankyou for the opportunity!x

  3. I'd love to win the April box!

    GFC- Allie Graham
    email -

    Such a lovely thought for a giveaway :)

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  4. I would love to win the may box

    I follow on gfc as mummy24


  5. This is a really good idea for a giveaway, I'm a follower of this blog.

  6. I'd choose April box :)
    GFC: priscilla
    email: sugoidesuyo(at)gmail(dot)com


  7. I am a follower on GFC I probably come up as Izzie.
    I would love to win the May Box.
    I don't really want to leave my email as a public comment but if you message me @yyesidolikecake on twitter I can give it to you.
    A post I would really love to see is one about the hair flair hair chalk, where you can do temporary dip dye. It'd be cool to see someone do it on blonde hair like mine.

  8. I love the April box GFC Nathalie Taylor
    I'd love to see a post on fake tanning products as i never know which one's to go for.
    Thank you x

  9. May box


    I love any post on make up items.

  10. I'd like the April Box.
    Follow with GFC as M.
    @maisietoo on Twitter
    I'd love a post on nail conditioners.

  11. GFC: Bex Smith
    I'd love the May box

    I'd love to see your skincare routine


  12. I follow via GFC - I'd love the April box - Great giveaway

  13. I follow on GFC (Hazel Rea)
    I'd love the May box.
    I was going to say a review of the latest Epilators - I see you are about to do one (very brave - I'll be fascinated to see what you think.).
    @beachrambler on Twitter - if you follow me I'll be happy to DM you my e-mail address. Having been hit by spam I don't like to put it on public boards. I hope this is OK.

  14. GFC: grace Lavender
    I'd love the April box
    I'd love a post on different eyelashes

  15. I would absolutely adore this May box. I have recently found your blog, and followed you. Keep up the good posts.


  16. I follow on GFC, i'd love the April Box, i need a new eye cream!
    Would love to see a top 5 post or something similar :)

  17. I am following you on GFC as Gillian Holmes


    gholmes724 [at] gmail [dot] com

    Please enter me in the draw - thank you!

    I don't think there can be too many posts trialling moisturisers :)

  18. GFC: naomiruthx

    I would love to win the April box please!

    I would love you to post about how to look after your hair, maybe hair masks or something. I'm always getting annoyed with dull hair and split ends. :o(

  19. Gfc Victoria leedham

    Would love to win mays box please x

  20. Hiya I'm following with GFC :) I'd like to win the April box because it has a few moisturising products in it - speaking of which, I'd love to see posts about the best moisturisers for dry skin, best balms for dry lips, best foundations for dry skin.... (yes I have dry skin hehe!) x

    My e-mail is sazmmm [at] gmail [dot] com

  21. I'd love the May box thanks!
    Following on GFC & would love to see a review of various mascaras based on their "curl" ability!
    laurastewardcomp [at]

  22. Hi Megan, I hope you don't mind me entering since I've only just come across your blog today.
    I love the look of both the Luxboxes, but particularly the April one.
    I would love to see a comparative review of some of the best tinted moisturisers and/or foundations around at the moment, as I feel like there are so many to choose from and it's hard to know which one to go for!

    Here are my contact deets:

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)
    Mel x

  23. What a fantastic prize, oh it is hard to choose, but will go with May one.

    I would love to see a blog on ideas for people who work shifts especially night shift.


  24. Thank you for this brilliant competition.

    I follow you on GFC.

    I would love the May box please, but it's been a difficult choice!

    You can contact me on:

    I would love to see a blog post on make-up recommendations for young teenage girls and recommended skincare treatments for them.

  25. i would love the may box - would love a blog on beauty with glasses

  26. What lovely boxes of gorgeousness...and what a lovely competition! :o) xxx If I was to win, I would like the April one to try, as my skin is so dry atm it's in danger of acting like a sponge and starting the hosepipe ban up again, so some lovely moisturising things would be much appreciated!

    Speaking of which, I would LOVE to see a blog feature on moisturisers with sunscreen that don't a) make your t zone spotty/greasy and b) really help with parched skin/flaky patches.

    My name's Lucy Hill (aka molehilli) and I can be contacted at molehilli AT aol DOT com

    Good luck, everybody. xxx

  27. id love the april box. fab prize!

  28. Great prize, following on GFC with ID Phyllis Ellett.
    Love the May prize if lucky and can be found hiding on twitter @phyllgerry.
    Well now the serious question you ask as post that I would love to see on this great blog? Well I will throw in my sixpence worth. I would love to see a proper article on make up for the over 50's, make up that won't make me look as mutton dressed up as lamb. It is so hard for me at my age to find, nice 'discrete' make up that works with my grey hair and wrinkly skin, we not all 50+ models out there.

  29. Following on GFC as Nicky Hopkins. Would love to win the May Box.


  30. I'd love to win this @sheridarby

  31. Really liking the May box, very kind of you to do a great giveaway.

    I'm following via GFC as Shelley Jessup however the best ways to contact me is either thought twitter as @sjess82 or my email which

    Many thanks x

  32. Following :)

    The may box for me please

    Id loved to see something on eye make up for sensitive eyes as i have major issues with this xx

  33. I'd love the win the May box. I've never been able to apply eye liner properly so this would be fantastic! Following via GFC as Piper And Daisy @piperanddaisy

  34. I'd love the May box please and I would love you to do a post about how to applie great eye makeup.