Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day is just around the corner (Sunday 17th June) so I though it would be a good idea to do a Fathers Day gift guide. Some of the items featured I have actually got for my dad, and some are just ideas and things I would like to buy him. Stupidly I have already wrapped all his presents up and haven't took pictures of them. After I have given my dad some of these products he will be reviewing the items on here if anyone wants to see that?

1. Mugs - Every Fathers Day I seem to buy my dad a mug. Its just such an easy present to buy and its one that will definitely be used. My dad loves the Olympics so I have got him a Union Jack mug from Ikea and an Olympic mug filled with Cadbury's chocolate from Home Bargains. I was also sent a really cute Twitter mug to give to my dad from ThumbsUp, its amazing the handle is a hash tag.
I know 3 mugs is a bit extreme but I couldn't resist!!

2. Fragrance - Fragrance is a great gift to get your dad, especially if he likes fragrances. There is one fragrance which I am giving him and its the Lacoste L.12.1.2 Rouge. Its only just been released and comes in the classic Lacoste bottle in red. Its apparently a spicy scent, but when I have given it to my dad I will get him to review it on here.

Another great fragrance brand is Boss, I have heard bottled sport is worn by F1 driver, Jenson Button so it must be good. 

3. Chocolate - Who doesn't love chocolate? Cadbury do some really nice Fathers Day gifts for example they currently have a No1 Dad big bar box which has 6 chocolate bars and a massive 1kg dairy milk with it. I personally think £15 is a lot for what you get but if your stuck for ideas this might be one. I just get my dad a bar of chocolate and sometimes a box of Thorntons chocolates.

4. Tops - This year we have got my dad 2 polo tops from Asda which are actually amazing quality. They start at £5 but depending if they have a design on them go up to about £10.

5. Gift sets - This year I haven't got my dad any gift sets because I have found it to be much better to make my own. To make them all you need is a gift bag or a old beauty box or just a normal box to put the items in. I normally put some matching deodorant and shower gel sets in, some chocolates and this year a new hairbrush. In these you can put anything that you want.

6. Watches - I would really love to be able to afford a designer watch for my dad as he wears a watch every day without fail but as i'm not made of money, its not going to happen. I really like ice watches for men as well as Boss and Rolex.

What have you got your dad for Father's Day?

Megan xx


  1. The girls and I are getting their babba a gift box inspired by your ideas x thanks

  2. I've got my husband a mug from our son and planning on getting my dad a watch so you're spot on :)