Saturday, 30 June 2012

June Favourites

This month I have a lot of favourite products (sorry, 5 of them are Collection products). I have discovered a lot of new products as well as a few old products I found while sorting out my collection.

Soap and Glory the righteous butter body lotion
I prefer this to the original righteous butter as I really like my moisturisers to sink in fast. I have been mainly using this on my legs after epilating and my really dry arms. 

Palmers cocoa firming butter
Yes I realise this says 'tightens skin after pregnancy and weight loss' neither of which have happened to me, but I thought it would be better at firming than the original and it was also cheaper. This smells gorgeous, just like hot chocolate!

So...? Sinful body spray
I think this might have been in my last favourites post but I really do love it and have been wearing it more than I have been wearing perfume this month. 

This month I have especially been loving Batiste of any kind and scent. I mean I use it every month but for some reason this moth I have used it so much and it makes my hair look so fresh and clean on the day between washing.

Soltan face suncream SPF 50+
I have to use this everyday before I apply make up as I burn extremely easily and I want to keep my skin as safe as possible (after all we can't replace it). This is the only cheapish face suncream I have come across with a high SPF.

Simple kind to skin facial wash
I have been on a mission to use up products this month and when I found this I thought I should give it another try as my skin has been acting up. It does slightly dry out my skin but I have been using it every morning and night for about 3 weeks and really like it. The only downside is it does sting the eyes (even though its simple which is weird) so I have to remove eye make up with something else.

Soap and Glory fab pore facial peel
You might have seen my recent post on this raving about it. I love it a lot. It is the only face mask I need now and works wonders on my skin. It would be hard going back to another mask now I know how good this is. My full review is here.

Amie morning dew matte finish moisturiser
This is a new favourite moisturiser of mine and it may have over took my simple anti blemish one. Its a light moisturiser which can make the face sticky if too much is applied. It has helped to repair the extremely dry parts of my face. It smells quite nice and although I wouldn't say it leaves me with a matte face, I do feel it leaves me less shiny than most moisturisers.

Collection 2000 multiplier mascara
This without a doubt is the best mascara I have ever tried. When I wear it, you cant feel it on your eyelashes which is amazing as they feel natural. Every other mascara I have had has made my lashes feel hard which I thought was how all mascaras were until I tried this one. Its amazing and really lengthens and separates the lashes. I will be doing a full review of this soon.

Collection 2000 blush in bashful
I have been wearing this blush practically every day in June. This shade is amazing, it has a subtle hint of shimmer yet that doesn't translate on the face as it just shows as a glow which I love. The price £2.99 is so cheap and I am going to pick a few more of these up.

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer 
If you haven't heard of this concealer where have you been? It seems to be a must have in the beauty community and now I have tried it I totally understand the hype. This only costs £4.19 and is much better than the more expensive concealers I have tried in the past so am very impressed with this.

Collection 2000 colour match foundation in ivory
This is the first foundation I have tried that I am happy to wear outside the house. As I am very pale most foundations appear orange and unnatural on me, even the lightest shades in ranges. I don't know if this is because of the undertones or the 'skin adaption technology' but this looks normal coloured on me. I would recommend you have a look at collection 2000 if you struggle to find light enough shades for you in foundations.

Collection 2000 primed and ready primer
I think this is a pretty new product but as soon as I put it on my face I fell in love. It sinks in immediately which feels weird but so nice. I love it so much that I have even been wearing it when i'm not wearing make up. I haven't tried any other primers so I have nothing to compare this too, but I will definitely repurchase when I finish this.

Blistex raspberry lemonade blast
I think I might have mentioned this before but it has become my favourite lip balm. It tastes like lemonade and really softens lips. Its not great if your lips are really dry and you need to get some moisture back into them but it is a good lip balm for everyday use.

Revlon lip butter in raspberry pie
This is the first bright lipstick/lip product I own so wearing eye looks that go with it is so much fun. I love wearing new colours and this is a big thing for me as I don't normally go for brights. I wrote a full review here.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know if you have any requests for posts you would like to see.

Megan xx


  1. Wow, lots of favourites! I really want to try that Soap & Glory Peel now as have had my eyes open for a new face mask. I've ordered the Raspberry Pie Lip Butter as I already have Cherry Tart and love it :)
    Mel x

  2. Wow you got some great stuff!!

  3. I must try that collection 2000 foundation, I'm super pale and never can find one to suit me!