Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Yesterday I went shopping and bought a couple of things. I saw some things I loved but they were sold out in my size so im debating whether to get them off the internet as there from H&M and I know how bad delivery is form there.

I got a pair of jeans from H&M which were £9.99. There skinny medium wash jeans and I love them. 

This top was £7.99 and I think its gorgeous. Its from the stop racism range too so another bonus.

I got the raspberry ripple shower gel from the body shop because it was down from £4 to £2 and it smells so good. I have a million shower gels to use so I need to make sure I don't get any more.

This is the jumper I really wanted but the one in my size was all ripped :( Its £9.99 from H&M and super beautiful. What do you think should I order it off the internet or leave it??

I also got a few essentials and boring things like the things you put on paper before you put them in ring binders and toothpaste blah blah blah........

Megan x

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