Saturday, 10 November 2012

Product Of The Week :Naked Untagling Spray

For the last couple of months I havent seen any point in doing monthly favourites because I have basically been using the same products for months. I do however discover a couple of new products a month or think that a certain product deserves a mention on the blog so I have decided to do a product of the week post every week.

This Naked for kids untagling spray is amazing, I cannot praise it enough. I think it is only about £4 and it works wonders. I have extremely knotty hair when I have washed it and getting a comb or brush through it is really difficult but with this it does help the process a lot. When you spray it, it does smell like oranges but after your hair drys there is no longer a trace of an orange scent. If you have knotty hair I would highly recommend this to you. I got mine from Boots but I am sure its available elsewhere too.

Megan xx

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  1. Thank you for this review, I'll try this out. My hair is awful right now, so knotty!