Monday, 18 February 2013

Beauty on a budget - Collection

I have decided I am going to do monthly beauty on a budget posts and basically each month I am going to pick a brand and do a post including all kinds of products from that brand. For the first post I thought I would do Collection (formerly collection 2000) as they are one of my favourite drugstore brands.

Face Products

Collection lasting perfection 16 hours concealer

This is a favourite in the blogging community and I bought it after all the hype and at only £4.19 it is amazing. I find it covers spots, scars and blemishes so well although I do find it can be a bit heavy to use under the eyes.

Collection colour match foundation 

I really don't like this foundation as I find it to be too orange and too dark for my skin tone (even though its the lightest shade). It is also quite cakey and seems to cling to dry patches on the skin so its really not ideal for me.

Collection Primed and ready face primer

I really enjoy using this primer on days when I don't wear foundation (most days) as it makes my skin so soft and I feel like it covers up a bit of redness too although I don't know if it actually does or not. It also works well to keep foundation on for longer.

Fix me up make up fixer spray

This is a make up spray that you use after applying make up and it is supposed to help keep it in place for longer. I personally didn't like the smell of this and didn't notice any difference in how long my make up stayed in place however it is good to use throughout the day to refresh yourself.

Collection Shimmer Shades

I have the blush and its really lovely. As the name suggests it is quite shimmery so I do prefer to use it as a highlight but if you like to wear shimmery blush it does work great as a blush too.

Collection blush in 2. Bashful and 3. Breathless

Bashful is the blush I reach for most days as it has very little shimmer in it and that does not translate on the face, it lasts on the skin all day and is buildable. Breathless is the shade I have rarely worn as it is extremely shimmery and too pale and orange to suite my skin. Overall though they are very good quality blushes.

Eye Products

Collection multiplier mascara

Again this is one of my all time favourite products and when my current mascara runs out I will be picking this up again. It is a lengthening mascara but doesn't give that spidery effect. The only probem I found with this was after using the same one for about 5 weeks the mascara became flaky at the end of the day so it does need to be replaced quite often.

Collection gel eyeliner

This gel eyeliner is really good. I only have it in brown because I picked up the wrong shade but if I had it in black I would use it more often. It is really creamy and lasts all day. The brush that comes with it is actually surprisingly good although it is easier to apply with a longer handled brush, it is still easier enough with the brush supplied.

Lip Products

Collection cream puff in 4. Angel delight

This is a matte lip cream thing that is really moisturising for a matte product. The colour I have is a browny pink and is really wearable. I find that it does show up dry lips but not as much as other matte products I have tried in the past. They also smell amazing which is obviously another good thing.

Overall Collection products are well worth buying, the only thing I wouldn't recommend is their foundations and the thing I recommend the most is the concealer-it is amazing.

I hope you liked this post, if you have any requests for the brand I do next month please leave a comment below.

Megan x


  1. I've always wanted to try the primer it looks good, I currently use collection 2000 translucent powder which I love! sets make-up perfect all day long :)

    Jazz x

    1. I need to try that. My Rimmel one ran out a while ago and I never bought a new one. I will pick this up next time im in town :)xx