Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Macadamia Healing Treatment Oil

Unfortunately I am one of these people who has really oily hair which is an absolute pain and makes me really self conscious. Anyway because of this I never imagined I would regularly be putting oil (yes I know this is sounding a bit odd) in my hair. I was first introduced to Macadamia Oil last year and although I got the healing treatment oil last year I have only recently discovered how much of an amazing product it is. 

I use it when I towel dried my hair and put in in the lengths of my hair, being sure to avoid the roots and top few inches of hair and then blow dry it. As soon as my hair is dry I can feel that it so much softer than without the treatment and it also makes my hair so much easier to manage. I normally get really knotted hair but this reduces that massively. Although I don't feel that this is repairing my hair (it's in good condition anyway) I feel like it is preventing damage. I had my hair cut just after I started using this and so far have no split ends as far as I can tell. It definitely doesn't make my hair any more oily, instead I think it makes the lengths of my hair look healthy and glossy.

In case you don't know my hair is quite long, just past waist length. The reason I didn't like the oil last year when I tried it was because I used it so sparingly as I didn't want to make my hair look more oily. I obviously wasn't using anywhere near enough for my length of hair so I didn't see any effect from using the oil. The amount I use is probably similar in size to a £2 coin, however as it's an oil it spreads so even though I have been using it 3-4 times a week for the past 2 months I still have around 3/4 of the bottle left. 

At £12.95 for a 30ml bottle I think this is definitely worth it as a 10ml bottle lasts forever so this will definitely last a good few months. It is also available in 125ml and 300ml from here. I have already delved into a few other products from Macadamia so I will be sure to let you know my thoughts on them when I have tried them out a bit more.

Have you tried anything from Macadamia?

Megan x

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