Saturday, 16 April 2011

More soap and Glory ...... But only one thing !

Im so sorry I bet your all getting really fed up with all this soap and glory stuff now but this is the last thing i promise. Oh and i have my own pictures today if you really dont like the quality please let me know and i will try and sort something else out.

So i was in a really small boots store before and saw the soap and glory perfume. Its called eau de soap & glory formula 2.

It comes in this cute little box that has a magnet at the side so it opens and closes nicely. 

Inside the box is obviously the fragrance but it has these really quirky sayings and things written inside. Its just a nice little extra.

Now onto the actually fragrance itself. It is very nice could be worn day or night summer or winter so its very versatile. Soap and Glory say - A near mist, with top notes of citrus,bergamot, mandarin, jasmine and freesia on a mix of musks, sandlewood, vanilla and amber.

Dont rush out and buy it because of course scents are one of the things people have the most different opinions on one person will love it while another person hates it.  But if you see it defo have a sniff.

At the moment it is £10.55 at boots down from £15.83 so quite a good saving.

Megan xx 

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