Sunday, 3 April 2011

Recent Buys

I have bought quite a lot recently so decided in stead of doing loads of small posts i would do one big one. I will just write a little bit about each product as well. Sorry about the pictures not being mine i havent got a descent camera so if anyone has any good suggestions of ones that are good quality but relatively cheap please, please tell me. Just to warn most of the stuff is soap and glory because since i first got some at christmas i have just wanted to try more and more from there range.

Calm One Calm All - This is a bubble bath that smells beautiful but to get bubbles that last you need to put a lot of product in the water. It is quite moisturising though. 500ml - £5.11

Clean On Me - I love this, i have been using it everyday for over a month using about 5 pumps a shower and there still isnt much gone. The smell is very subtle and is very fresh. 500ml- £5.11

The Righteous Butter Body Lotion - A thinner version on the classic Righteous butter. The pump is really good and helps get the product out without getting it everywhere. Smells amazing as does everything else.  250ml- £6.89

Greatest Scrub Of All - A face scrub with popping spheres in it. Refreshing minty smell and leaves face feeling very smooth.  125ml - £8.17

The Scrub Of Your Life - One word for this body scrub - amazing - it does exactly what is says i used it for the first time yesterday and it does get rid of the bumps on the back of your arms. The texture is very creamy but obviously have the sugars in it. It makes skin very smooth.

Nivea Pure And Natural Milk And Honey Lipbalm - This lipbalm is relatable to the original nivea lipbalm in blue packaging. It is very conditioning but im not sure about the fragrance being milk and honey but you cant really smell anything when its on. £1.99

Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar - This is amazing and if you love having baths then you need to go and get this. The smell is amazing as well as how soft the bubbles it creates are. You can break it into small pieces so you get about 10 baths out of it. £3.99 for 1 bar.

Must Try : Clean on Me, The Comforter, The Righteous Butter Body Lotion, The Scrub of your Life
Worth A Look : Greatest Scrub of All, Nivea Pure and Natural Honey and Milk lipbalm
Miss-able : Calm One Calm All

If you like this type of post or want me to review any certain products please let me know because i havent got a problem with going to buy things to try if you want a review of it before you buy.

Megan xx

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  1. I really like this post, I've been meaning to try the Soap & Glory line and I think you've convinced me. I'm going to see if my drugstore carries that body scrub!