Thursday, 24 November 2011

November Favorites

Ahh I can't believe were almost in December, the year has gone so quick. I am normally to late to do a monthly favorites, so this month I will do it early.

Okay so now my picture won't turn the right way even though when I uploaded it it was fine. Anyway clockwise from top left is Rimmel 25 hour foundation in ivory, Simple spotless skin quick fix wipes, maybelline one by one volume express mascara, Sigma F80 brush, Batise in medium brunette, Colourtrend (from avon) final touch translucent powder, Carmex strawberry lipbalm and witch anti blemish liquid concealer in light.

The sigma F80 is my absolute favorite brush. It can be used for anything: foundation, powder, blush, cream blush...

The witch anti blemish concealer is a great product and one I will definitely be repurchasing. It costs about £4 so really worth it also the coverage it gives on spots is amazing and it lasts all day.

I have only been using the colourtrend powder this month because my rimmel stay matte is now in a million pieces :( This one smells really nice but can become to orange if too much is put on.

For the rimmel foundation, I wouldn't recommend it for pale skin (like me) unless you don't want much coverage as this comes out really orange. I just put the tiniest ammount on to cover redness and even out my skin tone. Its running out and I don't want to repurchase has anyone got any foundation suggestions?

Now these are the favorite favorites, that to me are daily essentials.

Batiste dry shampoo in medium brunette is amazing as before this one I had used up about 7 cans of batiste and they were all white powder and were hard to rub in if I was in a hurry. Now I cant spritz and go no need to worry about looking like I have grey roots. Around £3.99

I used to hate carmex with a passion I hated the whole petrolatum thing and hated the way it felt on. Surprisingly now this is a product I use everyday and it moisturizes your lips so well. About £2

The mascara is great, very volumising and doesn't seem to dry out in the tube a fast as other mascaras. It has a plastic wand which I like and I would certainly repurchase this again.

And lastly the Simple wipes are just what I've been taking my makeup off with.

What are your monthly favorites?

Megan xx


  1. I've never tried that mascara! By the sound of it i need to get my hands on it! :)
    Fab post,Following! xx

  2. Love love love the F80, such an amazing brush! I really want to try some products from the Witch range now, the primer sounds great aswell as the concealer X

  3. Carmex is my number 1 produvt lately! :)

  4. I cannot wait to get the Sigma brush, i saw about the free shipping and didnt hesitate as i wanted this brush. so excited for it :0)