Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas gift guide - Teen girls

Sorry for my absence for the past week, my internet completely went then we had to wait for sky to send us a new wifi thing in the post. Anyway i'm back now with a gift guide for teen girls. I have really enjoyed finding the gifts together for this one as I am a teen girl myself.

Eye shadow pallets are quite an easy thing to buy teenagers whatever their age. I think the MUA Heaven & Earth pallet £4 (here) and the MUA immaculate pallet £8 (here) are great for all ages.

This Liberty London Hello Kitty Hatbox is so cute and only £10 (here). It contains a body wash, bubble bath, body scrub, body butter and a organza puff.

Also another great gift is makeup brushes. You can get pretty good quality sets around Christmas in asda. I got one last year but since then I have got into make up more and would highly recommend Japonesque (here) and Sigma (here) brushes especially for older teens. A review on the Japonesque brushes will be up just after Christmas.

Instead of buying little gift sets of mini body sprays I would recommend buying the larger sprays (here) separately and wrapping them up nice and stuff as the big ones can be found for around a £1 but the set of 3 mini ones is £5!

If you have a slightly larger budget then I would say Urban Decay's Naked Pallet is a good buy even though I don't own one myself. £30ish (here)

Benefit's feeling cheeky includes posie tint, high beam and bene tine. I have got bene tint and high beam and would say most older teens would love this set. £14 (here)

Hope you enjoyed this gift guide and if you have any requests for any posts please let me know.

Megan xx


  1. This is really a Nice sharing & collection. Reklamegaver

  2. The Hello Kitty hatbox is so, so good for £10!

  3. These are great! I would love to get any of these for christmas :) xx