Thursday, 29 December 2011

MUA Heaven & Earth Pallet

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I know I always say it but I am going to post a lot more now. I got a camera for Christmas so the pictures I can take now are much better quality. Also I am currently revising for my Chemistry, Biology and Physics exams :(

Anyway for Christmas I got the MUA Heaven & Earth Pallet and love it.

When it came out it became almost impossible to get hold of instore. I ordered mine of the superdrug website for only £4
It comes with 12 gorgeous neutral colours which are all highly pigmented. It also comes with a double ended applicator but I took mine out.
As I think the pictures show, the colour on the top row 2nd to the right is my most used already as I have used it in my crease everyday since I got it.

I honestly cannot find fault in the pallet except the lighter colours could be a bit more pigmented and then it would the most perfect neutral pallet in my opinion.

Look out for more posts and let me know what you think of the picture quality 

Megan xx


  1. What a nice palette. The colors look like they would compliment most skin tones! Lucky you that you received this for Christmas.

    Found you via the #bbloggers chat this afternoon. Mind checking my blog out too? Thanks, beauty!

  2. Love this palette. Has all the perfect nudes you would need xx

  3. this looks so good! i need to try it!x

    sophie @

  4. Great post on the palette. Been wanting to get my hands on it for ages!