Saturday, 1 December 2012

Guest Post From LucyyWrites

Soap & Glory | The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser | Review

Hi to all Megan's followers, I'm Lucy and I blog over at LucyyWrites. Megan kindly asked if I would guest post for her and I of course accepted, I adore Megan's blog. I'm a huge skincare addict, I'm always trying out new products to defeat my dry-very dry skin type. I picked up Soap & Glory's hot cloth cleanser earlier on this year. They had an offer on and I was keen to find a drugstore hot cloth cleanser that actually worked!

Soap & Glory is another popular brand in the beauty blogging world, you'll find S&G in your local Boots stores. Originally just body care they now have a  fairly large skin care line as well as a more recent makeup range. The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser retails at £10 for a 100ml tube. Like most hot cloth cleansers the formula is a very thick, highly concentrated white cream, packed with panthenol, sweet almond, orange and lavender oils. Sounds perfect for dry skin, right?

Not sure how to use a hot cloth cleanser? Take a generous amount of the cleanser and divide between your finger tips. Next massage all over your face, don't forget to use product on your neck too. Apply a warm, damp muslin cloth over your face and relax. S&G provide you with one, it has pink edging - very cute! After 5-10 minutes dampen your cloth and press the cleanser off. 

 I usually can't fault Soap & Glory but this hot cloth cleanser is another pointless product out there, just like the No7 version. Maybe hot cloth cleansers aren't for me, I see raved reviews out there but I see no difference in my skin. After just one use I knew I'd hate this product, after a few more I gave up. It melts most of your makeup away, I'll give it that. But it doesn't leave my skin feeling amazing, smooth or nourished, nor did it do anything for my pores. It also smells like sudocream? For a product that contains almond and lavender oils, along with being from S&G I expect it to smell a lot nicer! Sorry Soap & Glory but I was not one wash away from an amazing face. You did however make incredibly cute packaging as usual.

Disclaimer: purchased with my own pennies!

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  1. Great post , I love a bit of soap and glory!! Xx