Sunday, 2 December 2012

Luxbox Review | October 2012

The October Luxbox had a few issues getting to me and a few other people. To cut a long story short I only received mine 2 days ago, a month late! There is no November box as Luxbox have been taken over by a different company, hopefully for the best. 

Anyway the October box did not impress me very much. Although 4 of the 6 products are full sized I only like one product and even that isn't amazing.

Tan Organic tan erase exfoliator full size £12 
This is my favourite thing from the box although I don't find it particularly better than the average exfoliating gloves.

Tan organic fake tan full size £19.95
 I'm not a tanning person really so this product doesn't really float my boat!

Tan organic tanning mitt full size (obviously) £4.50 
Again I don't really fake tan but compared to mitts i've used before this looks very similar.

Kimia rejuvenating facial system sample-unknown/full size-£74 
 In this tiny set you get a serum and a facial oil. I have tried both and haven't really noticed much difference but to be honest with skincare you need a decent sample size to tell if it works/makes a difference to your skin.

Models Co. black eyeliner full size £15
I have tried this eyeliner before and really disliked it, I think it was because of my sensitive eyes. Anyway I havent even opened the one from this box because of my past experience with it.

This honestly wasn't the box for me but everyone isn't going to be happy with every box. It is definately good value though with the box being worth over £50. I also think having 3 products from the same brand was a bit annoying because my favourite thing about beauty boxes is that I get to try 5 (normally) new brands each time but that didn't happen this time.

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes?

Megan xx

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