Friday, 18 July 2014

Makeup Revolution 32 Ultra Eyeshadow Palette in Eyes Like Angels

If you saw my post earlier this week, you'll know I love the Makeup Revolution 32 eyeshadow palette in Flawless. However when I opened the palette in Eyes Like Angels I thought I would hate it. Like normal I saw the bright colours and thought no way! What I initially failed to see was the many neutral colours among this palette. 

One thing I love about this palette is that the pigmentation of the brighter colours isn't the greatest which makes them much more wearable and less scary. Other than the bright orange (Orange!) and the bright pink (Pink!) there isn't a shade that I wouldn't wear. 

The majority of the eyeshadows are buttery soft, a couple are really chalky though. Like in the Flawless palette, there are quite a few unique shades among the 32 in the palette. The darker shades would create the perfect smoky eye which I have tried a few times and it looks great! The champagne shades are also really beautiful but I think Moss is my favourite shade even though it's a bit outside my comfort zone! 

L-R Top Row: Peacock Dream, Award, Green Stars, Silver Dream
Bottom Row: Pink Glow, Lilac Frost, Choc!, Truffle

L-R Top Row: Dream, Pink!, Molten Chocolate, Aqua Dream
Bottom Row: Sophisticated Pink, Cream, Moss, Orange!

L-R Top Row: Orchid, Purpled!, Pink Frosted, White Light
Bottom Row: Peach Cream, Lilac Shimmer, Blue Sheen, Bold Purple
L-R Top Row: Green Dream, Emerald Night, Night Stars, Copper Dream
Bottom Row: Black Stars, Silver Star, Pearl Necklace, Green Envy

Although there are a few brighter shades in this palette, I think everyone could add this to their collection. For only £8, each eyeshadow works out to be 25p which is crazy!

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution Products?

Megan x

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