Wednesday, 3 September 2014

September Goals

I hope everyone had a great summer, especially those of you returning to education this month. I thought I would update how I got on with my August goals before telling you about my goals for this month. I must admit I haven't done very well, but I'm taking this as a positive and motivation for this month.

1. Go to the cinema.
2. Start exercising more.
3. Read 4 books.
4. Post on my blog at least 3 times a week.
5. Lose 5lbs.
6. Go out for a meal with my friends. *This is to be arranged
7. Get some of my photos printed.
8. Write the first draft of my personal statement. *This is half done, well sort of anyway. 
9. Meet up with friends more.
10. Order my provisional licence.

For September I'm not going to set 10 goals just 6 as these are goals that I really want to achieve.

1. Make some decisions about what I want to do after sixth form. I currently have no idea.

2. Comment on blog posts more often.  

3. Post 2 times a week on my blog (I think this is more manageable!).

4. Try to save more money.

5. Get a job. I know I posted a month ago about my first job but they are only a seasonal company so after the summer holidays end, they close. I also know that this goal is out of my control really but I'm hoping I manage to get myself a job. 

6. Have a massive sort out of my bedroom. 

I'd love to know what some of your goals are for September!

Megan x


  1. I read a lot and used to read more than 6 a month... but now, with a full time job, blogging, and filming videos for my YouTube channel, I'm lucky if I finish 3 books in one month..

    Arianne |

    1. I love to read but it's one of those things that takes a back seat when I'm busy! xx