Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Favourite Movie Soundtrack

If you didn't already know I am a massive movie fan. Give me a good film with a hot chocolate and a blanket on a cold evening and I will be a happy bunny! When I heard about the Curry's Movie Soundtrack competition, I thought it would be a great way to share my favourite film soundtracks with you. 

If I had to pick one soundtrack it would actually be from Love Actually, which is definitely one of my all time favourite films, I can watch it over and over. If you haven't seen Love Actually (I'm sure most people will have), it follows the lives of 9 groups of people over the Christmas period and is the most heart-warming film ever! A few weeks ago my dad and I were discussing the fact that the music is half of the reason we love the film so much (it's one film my whole family watch again and again). After thinking about it more, the music is used perfectly throughout the film and gives the film a really personal feel. Although the film is definitely not a musical, the music makes the film what it is. 

I'm cheating a bit as I can't choose just one soundtrack. As a massive fan of musicals I couldn't pass by without mentioning West Side Story and Les Mis, the songs are amazing!

Lastly I have to mention my love for the Pitch Perfect soundtrack, I actually listen to this all the time. It's the ultimate feel good soundtrack. Pitch Perfect is another one of my favourite films that I never get bored of, I've probably seen it in excess of 20 times, whoops! 

If you want to enter this competition (although it is a bit last minute now) then all of the information can be found on the Curry's website here.

I'd love to know what your favourite movie soundtrack is!

Megan x

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