Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cetaphil Review

When I kindly recieved some Cetaphil products I was so excited, I had only seen good reviews of the products. I received the gentle skin cleanser and the moisturising lotion.

Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (£8.49) - I don't use this product as a cleanser as I don't feel it makes very much difference to my skin. I use it to remove make up especially mascara and it works so well. It does make your skin soft but it just didn't work as a cleanser for me. I do absoloutly love this product though and it appered in my yearly favorites post.

Cetaphil moisturising lotion (£8.49) - I really like how light this moisturiser is on the skin and how quickly it sinks in. Its very hydrating and I really like it. However I personally dont feel like its worth the money when I have tried much better moisturisers a lot cheaper from brands like Nivea and Simple.

Hope you all enjoyed this review 

Megan xx

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