Monday, 2 January 2012

Japonesque brush review

A couple of months ago I was sent some brushes from Japonesque. Up until quite recently Japonesque brushes were seen as the brushes professionals used. Now they are more available for everyone to purchase and are available at John Lewis and Boots in the UK. 

I was sent the pro powder, travel stippling, pro blush, pro angled eye shadow, mineral blush brush, pro eyeshadow crease brush and pro large eyeshadow fluff brush.

Mineral blush brush - I really love this brush, it picks up product amazingly well. The brush is flat on both side and a tiny bit pointed at the top. It has found its place in my everyday makeup routine.

Pro powder brush £28 - The handle on this brush is enormous. The bristles are so soft and its great for picking up the right amount of powder.

Pro blush brush £27 - The bristles are exactly the same as the powder brush just smaller so again they are extremely soft. Another great brush but I personally prefer the mineral blush brush.

Travel stippling brush - There is a pro stippling brush too which just has a longer handle. As you might be able to tell from the picture, I have been using this to stipple on foundation and really really love it. Its the first time I've never used a stippling brush and am very impressed with the results.

Pro large eyeshadow fluff brush £13.50 for the medium size - I love this brush but I have kinda small eyelids and I didnt think it would be so big but, its still great. I use it for applying one colour all over the lids but if you want to be at all precise and have smallish eyelids I would reccommend the medium size.

Pro eyeshadow crease brush - My favourite brush out of all of them, this is perfect for applying a colour in the crease and blending it in to the outer corner. As the tip is pointed its even good for applying eyeshadow under the lower lash line.

Pro angled eyeshadow brush - I mainly use this to put a lighter colour on my brow bone and in the inside corner of my eye and I have also used it to put colour all over the lid too.

All in all these brushes are amazing, wash really well and hardly shred at all. At the price I would still recommend as you really are paying for quality. If you are thinking of getting some, I would suggest the eyeshadow crease brush, mineral blush brush, pro powder brush and pro stippling brush.

Megan xx
(I cant find links and prices for all the brushes)


  1. Looks like an amazing set of brushes

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  2. I think this is a really good review. You get straight to the point and the picture are really clear. Look forward to reading other reviews.

  3. great review! i really enjoyed reading it, these brushes sound great!

  4. Great review! Looks like a lovely set of makeup brushes. I'm currently looking to buy a new set, just trying to find the right ones / ones I can afford! xo