Sunday, 8 July 2012

Betrousse beauty box | organic box

Be trousse is another beauty box on the market. I like the concept of this one a lot more than the subscription boxes. Although the element of surprise dissapears at least you know you are only getting boxes you want. Basically every month a new box comes out and if you want it you get it if you don't want it you don't get it. Also another massive bonus is that every product in the box is full sized. Each box also comes with a theme eg. summer essentials, spring trends and this one which is organic.

Reve de provence organic soap bar - I really like the lavender smell of this but I never use bar soap and I don't think many people do. They are just to much hassle and I find bottle soap to be much more hygienic. I don't think this will get any use at all, maybe I could put it in a draw to make things smell nice. £4.99

Forest people luminous serum eyes and lips contour - I think this looks like a great product. I comes with a pippet in the lid (obviously the best thing about the product). As you only need a drop for the lips and a drop for the skin around the eyes this will defiantly last me a long time. It also smells amazing as it is made of all natural oils. £31

Lothantique bath salt - The packaging of this is amazing, it has a very vintage feel to it and comes in a glass jar. When I opened the salts to smell them I started to cough because the smell is so strong. I really dislike the initial smell so hopefully in the bath the smell won't be very strong. £10

Fro Her Aloe and honey mist - This is a comb out hair mist that you use on towel dry hair or on dry hair for softening and strengthening hair. It smells quite nice but when I tried it this morning it left my hair feeling sticky as the dispenser isn't very good and just aims the product at one part of the hair instead of misting it over a lot of hair. This is also the only British brand included in the box which is good as you get to try unfamiliar brands. £10.99

K Pour Karite hair mascara - This is honetly my least favourite product of the lot. I love the concept and everything but I dont have grey hair and everyone I know with grey hair has died their hair brwon not black and black is the shade I got which i'm not very happy with to be honest. I'm not to sure what I am going to do with it yet. £12.95

The box has a value of £72 but instead it only costs £17 for 5 full sized products that isnt bad. You can buy  a box from here

Keep your eye out on my blog for a Be trousse giveaway

Megan xx


  1. Love your post there are some items there that caught my interest like the serum. Where are these boxes available from?

  2. WOW another beauty box is on the market. I kind of like the concept of this one though

  3. I have never heard of this box! I will have to take a look!

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