Sunday, 15 July 2012

Soap and Glory Solar Powder | Review

Solar Powder was the first ever Soap and Glory cosmetic product. The cosmetics line only came out about 7 months ago but this has always been available. 

It is a bronzer (in case you didnt already notice) and it has 2 shades to it. On the first use it also has a purple shimmer over the S&G but that comes of immediately after putting the brush over it. Because of the purple shimmer that is there to start with, the bronzer is very shimmery which I really dislike.

I am very fair skinned and don't usually tend to use bronzers. I liked how light the colours looked and thought the product would be perfect for me. Unfortunately when applied the the face I didn't notice any colour pay off and after layering it on a very faint orange shade showed up on the skin. 

I do normally love Soap and Glory but this product was a real dissapointment. It costs £11 which I think is quite expensive for what it is and I know there are better bronzers for much lower prices. 

Megan xx

*PR sample


  1. I so wish we had Soap & Glory Cosmetic here:)

  2. its a real shame when products arent very good!ive never tried soap and glory but their eyeshadows look quite nice x

  3. this is a really good review, im glad cause ive been considering buying this. Thank you!