Sunday, 17 March 2013

25 random facts about me!

As part of my new year resolution I said I would post more personal posts on my blog as I love finding out information about the other bloggers behind the blogs. The 25 facts tag has been going around a lot over the past month or so but I thought I would add my own post into the mix.

1. I am addicted to making lists

2. I don't have a clue what I want to do when I leave school.

3. When I go to sixth form next year I want to study biology, chemistry, psychology and English language.

4. The nails on my little fingers and ring fingers grow much faster than my other nails.

5. I have a slight obsession with stationary.

6. I enjoy reading food and diet/exercise blogs just as much as beauty and fashion blogs.

7. My family train guide dog puppies.

Barney - our first guide dog

8. I don't own any mac products.

9. I love baking.

10. I hate the rain.

11. I have been learning Spanish for 5 years and hate it.

12. I cannot draw but wish I could.

13. I have never broken a bone.

14. Most days I wear very minimal makeup.

15. I haven't been abroad since I was 2.

16. Mint green and pink are my favouirte colours.

17. I have a cat called Sooty.

18. I am very pale so most drugstore foundations and concealers are far too dark for me.

19. I hate painting my nails.

20. I was born in England, have lived in Scotland and now live in a different part of England.

21. I have a full fringe.

22. I don't wear jewellery very often.

23. I love wearing comfy clothes.

24. I walk really fast and hate when people I am with walk slow.

25. I have really small ears.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this post and found out something you didn't already know about me.

Megan xx


  1. I think I might do this soon!

    Kirsty x

    1. You should. I really love getting to know the blogger behind the blog :) xo

  2. Great blog! I agree i had slow walkers too!

    I am a new follower so made sure i followed you on Bloglovin'


  3. This is my first time at your blog so this is a great introduction to you! I hate slow walkers.

  4. I love these types of post, they are so interesting to read! Your puppy is adorable by the way and I love your blog :) Very cute header!

    1. Thank you, I am currently redesigning my blog so am getting a new header :) xo

  5. Love the fact ur family train dogs, my dog, well both my beagles are crazy. lol why dont you own mac products? i may do this, getting to know someone makes the blog so much better imo but not sure i have any interesting facts. xxx

    1. I have just never followed the hype for mac, although I am hoping to buy some things from them while I am at the Nottingham meet up :) xo

  6. So glad I found you through the BBloggers chat, we have a lot in common!

    I love that you train guide dogs, I wish I could but it would break my heart to have them leave even though they're going to do amazing things x

    1. We have only had to let one go so far. It is really sad but the great thing is if they don't pass training they will be offered back to us to keep as a pet :) xo

  7. Hey Megan! I'm in my first year of sixth form, I chose Psychology and English Literature, if you have any questions about the courses I'd LOVE to help you out!

    Great blog post x

    1. Thank you so much! Just checked out your blog and love it :) xo

  8. I love this post! seems we have quite a few things in common! I don't own a mac product either and god people who walk slow annoy me!

    you really make me want to do this tag too now.


    Lullaby For Pies

    1. Do it! I am so nosey so would love to read your facts! I loved your 'what I never did before blogging' post :) xo

  9. I replied to your comment on my blog post here:

    Reading this I also did English Language for AS level, I personally found it easy but boring. And unforch had issues with teachers -_- physchology isn't offered at my school but I've heard it's really easy, Bio and Chem you will really need to keep up the work, don't get behind! Make sure you understand!

    Sorry for over-dramaticness...just wouldn't want you to make the same mistakes I did :) if you ever wanna chat about it btw talk to me on twitter @AmberLove146 or email me :) it seems we have a fair bit in common and I'm now following your blog! I've never come across it before and I love it! X