Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hoobynoo World Phoenix Necklace

Hoobynoo World offers quirky and high quality jewellery pieces such as acrylic necklaces, felt brooches, hair accessories, iPhone cases and much more, all of which are handmade. All items from Hoobynoo world would make great gifts for people of any age and if your buying for someone who 'has everything' they definitely won't have anything like the necklaces. Every character illustration is original and unique and the characters also come with a personality profile.

I was very kindly sent a phoenix necklace to write about on here. As soon as I handled the necklace I knew it was extremely good quality. The acrylic is very thick so isn't going to snap and the shape is securely attached to a silver chain on both sides. The great thing about this is it could be worn casually or could be worn as a statement piece. 

For a handmade item of this quality I would expect to pay over £20 but guess how much this sells for?.......only £12.50 which is a bargain when you think about how much work must have gone into making this. This is actually a larger necklace so is more expensive than some of the others. Another great thing about Hoobynoo world is quality is everything. After speaking to Chiara, the owner of Hoobynoo world I know that if an item is short of perfect even just slightly she won't sell it, which is great because you know you are always going to get a perfect piece.

I would definitely buy from Hoobynoo World in the future as they really do have something for everyone. You can find Hoobynoo World items in Liberty's or online here.

Have you tried anything from Hoobynoo world?

Megan x


  1. what a fun necklace, it looks great quality. I will have to check out Hoobynoo World xx

    1. Everything they sell is really fun and such great prices too :)x