Monday, 2 December 2013

Blurb Photo books

I personally think that photo books make the most amazing presents. They are personal and although they're not expensive they are one of the best presents someone will receive. I have got my mum a photo book 2 years in a row and she loves them. They are so much easier and cheaper to make than a photo album.

As we train guide dog puppies, last year my mums photo book was dedicated to our first puppy and I put around 30 photos of him in it. This year I decided to include all sorts of pictures from our year. I buy my photo books from Blurb as I find their photo book programme really easy to use. They have 3 methods of making the photo book so no matter how techy you are, you will be able to make one using one of the methods. 

(Please excuse the bad quality image, I didn't want to remove the plastic which keeps it clean)

Blurb photo books are really high quality and prices start at around £10 which for such a special present is really cheap. You can make your photo book square or rectangular as well as selecting from about 3 sizes. All books use standard paper or you can pay a bit extra for glossy or semi matte paper. This time I went for glossy and am super happy with the outcome of it. You can also choose what the cover of the book is like. You can have a soft cover, hard cover dust jacket and hard cover image wrap the latter of which I went for. 

I really cannot fault the quality of either of the photo books I have created with Blurb. Another great thing is if you want to add more pages then you just pay for the extra pages you want. Some other photo book companies only allow you to add an extra 10 pages and don't allow for individual pages to be added. The delivery from Blurb is also excellent, I ordered last week and was told it would come before the 9th December and it arrived on 27th November although I expect they may get busier over the coming weeks.

I think photo books make amazing gifts for any occasion. Maybe you want to put all of your holiday photos in one or even wedding pictures. I highly recommend Blurb and after using them twice I wouldn't buy from anywhere else.

Blurb have a website which is really easy to navigate and have a secure checkout.

Are you buying anyone a photo book for Christmas?

P.S I haven't been paid to say good things about Blurb, I just really love the quality and value of their products.


  1. This looks great! I made my best friend one a few years ago and she made me one too :) i also always give my mam a personalized photo calender every year, these kinda gifts are the best! x

    1. I got my mum a personalised calender too. I think personalised things are great things to give to family members especially when they don't give you any clue as to what they want! xx