Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Jumpers

Christmas jumpers have become somewhat more popular and have become a tradition within many families. Personally I have never had a Christmas jumper before but am definitely getting one this year, partly because my sixth form are having a Christmas jumper day next week. After having a long look online I am stuck to decide between hundreds (slight exaggeration) of jumpers that I love! Here are a few of my favourites.

1. I love this Fairisle robin jumper from Asda. In case you haven't noticed from previous posts I love Asda clothes, I think they are amazing quality and they always have really on trend pieces. I think this jumper is a lovely and as it's only £14 its really affordable.

2. Another robin. Another jumper from Asda. I love bird jumpers and think this would be okay to wear all winter. It's only £16 so you can't really go wrong, plus it's going to keep you extra warm and cosy.

3. This gorgeous polar bear jumper from Next is slightly more expensive at £32 however I don't think its exclusively a Christmas jumper and can be worn all winter instead of just over the festive period. Next clothing is always wonderful quality so it's definitely worth the money.

4. Reindeer's or stags are my favourite thing to have on jumpers. I think this really basic jumper is lovely if you want a subtle festive jumper. Its £16.99 from Missguided. 

5. This is probably my favourite jumper of the bunch. It's a bit more out there than the others but I think this would be a great Christmas day jumper! I'm definitely considering buying this one. Its £16.99 and from Missguided.

6. I think this is more of a tunic than a jumper but really love the print. Next have really classy Christmas jumpers so if you don't want a typical 'tacky' one then Next is the place to go! This one is £35 but like I said it's more of a tunic than a jumper so the higher price is understandable. 


7. I love the colour of this jumper from Misguided, I'm a huge fan of marled jumpers and think they make an outfit more interesting. I would personally wear this all winter as it isn't really a Christmas jumper but think it would be lovely to wear to go Christmas shopping or for a casual meal.

8. I love gingerbread men and this jumper from Topshop makes me want to bake some! You can't really get any cuter than this jumper though and I really do love it. I don't think I could part with £42 to buy it, but I know that some people take this Christmas jumper thing very seriously and would be happy to spend that much!

9. This jumper is from Topshop and I think the print is lovely and really unique as I haven't seen any holly jumpers anywhere. As much as I love this I do think it is a bit expensive at £50.

Have you got a Christmas jumper for this year?

Megan xx


  1. Aw the Robin jumpers are so cute, love the gingerbread man one too

    1. I really love the Robin ones too :)x

  2. The polar bear jumper is my favourite out of them all :)
    Saida xx

    1. That's a close second for me, I love them all to be honest! xx

  3. I love the gingerbread man one shame it's sold out :( I don't usually wear a Christmas jumper but I think this year may be the year were I shift out of my pjs and actually get dressed on Christmas haha :D great post

    1. I always change into comfy clothes after Christmas dinner! Didn't realise it was sold out, it might still be available in shops though :) xx