Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Clique Magazine

Clique is an amazing new magazine. No it's not JUST another magazine, its a free, fully interactive magazine. I know that so many people don't buy magazines anymore as they can find the information, real time on the internet so Clique is perfect for those people as it is free and is delivered straight to your door. You can't beat flicking through a magazine and that's something that the internet won't be able to replace. 

Clique is fully interactive so basically if you download the free Clique app, which is available from the iTunes Store and Google Play Store, you can 'scan' a specific picture and then you will automatically be taken to a website. For example if you scan an item of clothing or jewellery like the items below, the app will take you to the website where you can buy the item. There are sometimes articles that can be scanned too if there is more of the article online. I really like this idea however the only slight niggle I have about it is that it needs to be really light for the camera to pick up the picture so its almost impossible once it's dark as I haven't yet been able to make it work with artificial light. 

I really love Clique magazine plus it has a massive beauty section unlike most magazines which are mainly fashion based. Clique teamed up with designer Katie Eary to create a gorgeous leopard print t-shirt which I have been wearing so much. The t-shirt is £35 which may seem like a lot however Katie Eary also have very similar leopard print t-shirts for £215 so it's definitely a bargain. If you want to have a look at the t-shirt it can be found here.

As I mentioned before Clique magazine is completely free and you can sign up to the magazine here where you can find out a bit more about the magazine.

I'd love to know if you are going to subscribe to Clique or if you are already subscribed.

Megan x

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