Wednesday, 16 April 2014

CB12 Boost

If you saw my post on CB12 mouthwash last year, you will know how much I love it. Although it is very expensive for a mouthwash, it is definitely worth it. It neutralises everything in the mouth and keeps breath fresh all day. CB12 is also great for me as I have a new found allergy of fruit and an unknown ingredient in some toothpastes and mouthwashes which as you can imagine is a pain as I obviously need to brush my teeth but don't want to have bright red, enormous lumpy lips as a result. CB12 is the only mouthwash that I have found that doesn't affect me. 

As CB12 mouthwash is very expensive it isn't something you want to use all the time, CB12 have developed a new chewing gum that have been specifically developed to freshen breath as well as to strengthen tooth enamel preventing cavities. The chewing gums themselves are quite large (almost the size of a pound coin) and a round shape with two layers; a white layer and a blue speckled layer. 

I really like these chewing gums as the minty-ness lasts for a lot longer than standard chewing gum and breath still feels fresh 2-3 hours after using the gum. I eat tuna for lunch quite a lot and become conscious of my breath afterwards even after chewing gum however these are very very minty and the tuna scent disappears immediately. The one thing that I do dislike about the chewing gum is a minor thing, but I hate the fact it's bright blue, I would much prefer it to be white but like I said this is only a very minor thing.

At the moment CB12 Boost is half price at Boots at only £2.49 (here) which may seen like a lot but it's not the type of chewing gum you would constantly chew and instead is mainly just used after drinking coffee, eating or smoking. I would highly recommend these, especially at the price they are at now. I'm not sure I would pay full price for them at the end of the day as £5 for 10 chewing gums is a bit extravagant however at £2.49 I would stock up!

Have you tried any CB12 products?

Megan x

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