Thursday, 17 April 2014

Great British Flowers

I love having fresh flowers in my house! I feel like they really brighten the house up as well as adding some decoration. They definitely make a house a home! When I was given the chance to receive a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from the Great British Florist I was delighted. After only a day or two the flowers arrived, I wasn't expecting such an extravagant bouquet but after looking at the website I realised you can't expect anything but the best from the Great British Florist. 

The bouquet I was sent is called the British Bouquet and I was more than impressed with it. The flowers came in a large cardboard box and were safe and sound when they arrived. As the name of the company suggests all of the flowers are grown on British soil which means that the flowers will stay fresher for longer. The colours of the flowers and even the foliage are very vibrant colour wise and are absolutely lovely. I've got to say these lasted at least 2 weeks before they even started to look a little bit limp. That is pretty good going considering that flowers normally last a week at the most before looking lifeless. Another great thing about flowers from Great British Flowers is that flowers are 'grown not flown' which increases their life whilst they are in your house as they haven't spent days being transported.

The British Bouquet would make a perfect birthday present, in fact they would make a great present for any occasion. I would definitely buy from Great British Florist and highly recommend them. At £45, some people may see these as expensive, however for a high quality bouquet of flowers that lasts for a long time, I think it is a very reasonable price. I have had many bouquets of flowers in the past (similar to these) but these are definitely my favourite of the bunch. You can buy this bouquet and many others here.

I'd love to know what your favourite type of flowers are.

Megan x

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  1. Absolutely beautiful and gorgeous - grown not flown is the future! Caroline x