Thursday, 12 May 2011

Blistex review

So yesterday I recieved this lovely little package (along with a horrible one but more on that in the next post) anyway this cute little one was hand written on the front and when i opened it, all the products were beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper with a ribbon round it, gorgeous. But when I saw what products I got sent I was even happier. I know these aren't high end so people will be like there only lip balms but my lips are in pretty bad condition so I am always on the search for a good one. Then along come 4 at once and I am not disapointed disappointed

Blistex's new advertisement is this.....

Make Blistex part of your festival survival kit!

When it comes to things you wish you'd brought to a festival, lip balm is up there with loo roll, wet wipes and wellies. There's nothing worse than suffering a whole weekend with dry, flaky lips and spending lots of time outside can make the problem even worse.

Dr Jennifer Jones, Consultant Dermatologist Says;

"Whether its hot and sunny or cold, wet and windy your lips need protection. Lip balms like those in the Blistex daily care range have been shown to protect, condition and soothe, helping to make dry lips a thing of the past"

Blistex has developed a range of affordable products that are specially designed for everyday use. The products in the range have been developed with lip care experts and are proven to give your lips the protection and hydration they need.

Anyway the products in the everyday range are...

Blistex Daily lip conditioner

This contains aloe ver, olive oil and grapeseed oil which makes lips softer and younger looking. It also contains SPF 15 which is essential now were getting into summer. It costs £2.30 which is a complete bargin it lasts on your lips but isnt sticky it gives a velvet feel. It makes lips instantly look a lot healthier.

Blistex lip massage

This product took me and my mum a few minutes to figure out how it works. Eventually after my mum tried twisting the bottom (a lot) loads just like squirted out at her. I suppose once its up though its a good product.
Essentially I think its better to apply with your fingers and just use the massager before you put it on as it kinda goes everywhere. It smells lovely, kinda fruity but I love it. It costs £2.54 which is good as it says its the first lip product with the massager tip. It also has SPF 15 in it.

Blistex intensive moisturiser

This is an amazing product and seems to have a bit of shimmer in it to. Basically you dont need a lot because it is white so even when you rub it in well you normally have to wait for it to absorb itself. I already used this before I was sent it and find it does soften lips really really well. £2.30 it also smells of mint, lovely :)

Blistex Relief Cream

Just typical a really good product has to have annoying packaging. As its in a metal tube once its open it comes out even if you dont squeeze it. This is mainly meant for winter from what I gather. Medicated reliefe for cold sores, cracked, chapped and sore lips. I personally prefer to cary the other 3 around with me during this weather but if you have really dry lips then I suppose you would use this all year round :) This also costs £2.30

Must have : Daily lip conditioner, Intensive moisture
Skipable : Lip Massage
Hugely Missable : Relief Cream

If you got to the end well done, I realise this is a long post. By the way do you like the picture quality?

Megan xx

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