Sunday, 8 May 2011


As I have mentioned in a few posts I am really struggling with blogger at the moment. I managed to get the whole sidebar thing sorted but now I cant change the colour of my posts title's without making them unclickable, if that makes sense. Anyway these are things that if I had a lot of money I would go out and buy.

This picture is a fail, its meant to be mac's Rubenesque paint pot.

Sigma make me classy Brush Kit

I love most of the swatch watches but I had to choose one to put on here so I chose the one called Hot Batik Green :) Im defo getting one of these so if you have any suggestions as to which on to get please let me know.

Urban Decay Naked Palette. Want one so bad but there kinda expensive.

No idea why I like this i was just looking around the topshop website and this just kinda sprung out. I think its because the word smile seems makes me happy :)

There are a lot more things I would love but I would bore you all with the long list. 
Im thinking about getting a HTC Wildfire on a contract with free internet. I have heard a mix of opinions online so far and wondered if you think its good. No one I know has one as the Blackberry craze is going round at the moment but personally I dont like them. To me the only good thing is BBM. Anyway can you tell me what you think about the HTC.
Also whats on your Wishlist?

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