Friday, 23 March 2012

Pixi glow Face Pallet

So recently I was invited to the launch of Pixi's new collection, Pixiglow based on none other than the iconic Disney character Tinker Bell. Anyway I was really disappointed that I couldn't make it to the event but I was kindly offered the Pixiglow face pallet to try out. 

The box the product comes in has a rubbery texture to it and the most gorgeous vintage Tinker Bell design on the front. On the back it says the pallet is inspired by budding roses, berry nectars and dew at dawn. Its such a cute pallet, but it isn't by any means childish.

The same picture is printed on the packaging of the actual product but this time its green based instead of yellow.

Once opened the first thing you notice is the massive mirror with the words Pixi Glow and Tinker Bell on it. There are 5 neutral eye colours which are super pigmented (if you want to see swatches please let me know) and 5 lovely lip creams. In pallets I don't usually bother with the lip creams as they are usually rubbish quality but these are actually quite good. Again with most pallets I am having the problem of bits of eyeshadow getting in the lip creams. In the top there is also a double ended eyeshadow sponge and a double ended lip brush.

I personally think that makes it a great pallet so the fact there's even a blusher in here just puts the cherry on top.

The blusher is very shimmery in the pallet but that doesnt translate on the face. Its not very pigmented it just gives a subtle glow. Also all the tools have the Pixiglow logo on them, cute or what?

This pallet is in my opinion quite expensive but you really are paying for quality. The packaging is very sturdy and the products are great. It costs £32 and is available from larger boots stores or here.

What do you think of this pallet?

Megan xx


  1. That is gorgeous! I adore Tinkerbell, even now, haha! The pallet looks so great! If only i had a spare £32 haha! Great blog!

  2. This palette looks so cute! Great post. Found you through MissLV's blog roll. New follower! :)