Thursday, 11 April 2013

Non Beauty Wishlist

As most of you will know I am going to the Nottingham blogger meet up on Saturday so am obviously saving my money for then. I will be doing a separate wishlist of things I am hoping to buy at the meet up. That will be up tomorrow so keep an eye out for that.

1. Paloma Faith tickets - I love Paloma Faith's songs and unique voice so would love to buy some tickets to go and see her live. 

2. The Fault In Our Stars By John Green - This is the most talked about book of the moment and I have been recommended it so many times. I am desperate to read it!

3. The Kingmakers Daughter by Philippa Gregory - When I read the blurb of this book it, it sounded like a book I would love to read. I have a few books lined up to read for now but will definitely be buying this when I need a new book :)

4. Asos Dog Print Snood - Come on how cute is this snood? And for £7.50 it's a bit of a bargain. I love blue, dogs and snoods! How much more perfect could this be?

5. Muji wide 2 drawers - I think most bloggers own a bit of Muji storage and although I think it's quite expensive I want some acrylic drawers. Since putting this together I have found out that Wilkinsons do acrylic storage for half the price so I will be checking that out.

6. Ikea perfume bottles - I love these perfume bottles. They would look great on any dressing table or even in the bathroom. I obviously wouldn't use them for perfume but for decoration. 

7. Adidas Navy Trainers - I included these in my competition entry for the passion for fashion 2 competition and love them so much that I now want a pair.

What is on your wishlist this month?

Megan xx


  1. Awesome list, the perfume bottles are so cute!

    ♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

    1. I have been so close to picking them up many times but have always resisted but next time I'm in Ikea I am definitely getting them! xx

  2. The Fault in Our Stars is such a magnificent book seriously! It will bring you to tears from sadness as well as happiness, it's a must have!!!

    1. I have heard so many people talk about it so I will definitely be buying it :) xo

  3. I love Paloma Faith too! She is so unique


  4. Hey Megan, It was really good to meet you yesterday, I hope you had a good day. I really like your blog :) x

    A Scholar Life

    1. It was lovely to meet you too. Thank you, I love reading yours too :) xo